Mighty No. 9 Doesn't Need More Money
Mighty No. 9

No. Back off Comcept. Get your hands out of my pocket, Keiji Inafune. I... I gave at the office. You got my money 10 months ago. Mighty No. 9 already raised $3,845,170, so don't come asking for more. 

Stop with the puppy dog eyes. That won't get you anywhere. I'm immune to those measures. In fact, we all are. Gamers have been innundated with crowdfunding efforts and we're wiser with our investiments. Especially since it's come to pass that enough never seems like enough. 


I mean, Mighty No. 9 raised $3,845,170! That's huge! It's guaranteeing versions of the game on every platform. We'll see online co-op and battle races. Challenge, Turbo, and Boss Rush modes are being jammed into it. Call's even getting more time in the spotlight. But, instead of being content with making $2,945,170 more than the developer initially asked for on Kickstarter, a second crowdfunding endeavor has been launched for voice acting. 

Well, I'm sorry, but no. That's enough. I think I speak for everyone when I say we love you, Keiji Inafune. We're super excited about Mighty No. 9, since Capcom's clearly not giving us traditional Mega Man games anymore. But I can't condone this. Judging by the fact that this latest endeavor had only raised $2,739 from 77 backers when I wrote this on July 7, 2014, I'm not the only one. 

The thing is, voice acting is a luxury. It would be nice, but not an additional $100,000 nice. If Comcept thought it was an important enough addition to start another crowdfunding endeavor, then perhaps it should have been offered as a $100,000 Mighty No. 9 stretch goal during the original Kickstarter campaign. If people wanted it, they could have funded it right from the start.

Mighty No. 9

Though, I do have another idea. If Inafune Comcept really think Mighty No. 9 voice acting is that important, then make it DLC. After the game is released in April 2015, set aside $100,000 worth of profit and use that to voice the game. Then, sell that as an optional, $4.99 Voice Pack. If it's good, people will buy it, and that way the dream of voice acting is realized without resorting to begging again.

The fact is, gamers don't want developers and publishers to think we'll kick in for any and every little thing. If a crowdfunding endeavor is worthwhile, of course we'll be willing to contribute. But coming back for an additional $100,000 for some unnecessary nicety after already raising $3,845,170 is just tacky.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 07/08/2014

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