Tomodachi Life: Creepypasta Edition
Tomodachi Life

My Mii is out to get me.

It all started when I found myself hooked on Tomodachi Life. The idea of controlling virtual versions of my self and friends, pairing them up how I'd like, and dressing them in ridiculous outfits appealed to me.

Of course, I soon learned players aren't completely in charge. It's more like we're a friendly deity, stopping by with food and gifts. The Miis have a mind of their own.

I didn't notice anything strange at first. Perhaps the only indication that something was amiss was the fact that my Mii, my look-a-like, suddenly wasn't happy with any gift. I could buy $1,000, even $20,000 rooms, and she wasn't happy.


Then came the inquiries. Instead of asking typical questions like, "How's the weather out there?" She'd get more invasive. "How much money do you make?" "Are you alone right now?" The day she asked for my social security number, I turned the 3DS off for a week.

I asked my friend to come over with her copy of Tomodachi Life. I wanted to see and compare. That's when I realized my Mii was amassing an army. I'll never forget what my friend said, when I asked her to try playing my game. "Somebody's Mii is sure popular!"

Sure enough, when I checked my look-a-like's profile, I noticed she was friends with every other Mii in the game. I have 53 Miis in my Tomodachi Life and, last I checked, she had known only half of them. Yet suddenly, she was "Best Buds" with everyone.

Tomodachi Life

I begged my friend to take my copy of Tomodachi Life. She refused, and said I was crazy. She suggested I take a break from work. Perhaps disconnect and read some books for a change. But I knew better. That's exactly what my Mii wanted.

It's time for drastic measures. I'm going to delete her, then reset the game. I'll just turn on my 3DS, start up Tomodachi Life, go to Town Hall, and...

She's gone?

"Hello, my look-a-like..."

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 07/10/2014

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