What Does Video Game Coverage Mean To You?

Here's a bit of info that will date me: for as long as I could remember, the only way I got info about video games at all was through Gamepro and EGM.

As a kid, I'd spend hours poring through screenshots, preview write-ups, and anything else that was on display in those magazines. While not the optimal way to consume information, it was for a time the only way to consume information, until the internet came about. We've been living in a world driven by online interaction for over twenty years now, and it's changed almost everything in our lives, and yet coverage of video games is still slow to shift. Sure, there's more video content now than ever before, but the vast majority of news and review sights out there still deliver information through text.


It's important to keep in mind that as sites struggle to maintain their audiences while also delivering information to them, the more that fold due to unsustainable business models, the less diverse voices and opinions will be out there for the consumer. I don't think anyone just wants a handful of opinions for everyone to choose from, so with that in mind, how do you--the reader and frequenter to this site--prefer to get your information?


Do you mostly read articles? Are you one for catching up on a week's worth of information through podcasts? Is video content the only form of information you're interested in? All of the above maybe?

By replying in the comment section, and making yourself heard elsewhere, you're helping video game sites across the entire internet learn how to better deliver content your way.

It's a brave new world, and we're all still figuring out how to stay relevant in it. Thanks for your help, reader.

Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy

Contributing Writer
Date: 07/14/2014

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