Club Nintendo Survey Strategies

It's that time of year where we all start attending to our Club Nintendo backlogs. The Club Nintendo coin-accumulating year has begun anew, and we're all back at square one and I get the feeling most people are in my position.

See, somewhere over the past few years, I got ahead on my Club Nintendo points. This led to the development of a system. Once I reach Platinum status each year, I stop redeeming points unless there's a reward I just have to own. I know for downloadable games I don't have a choice, but the second I see that Platinum shield, I put all the slips from my physical purchases in a folder for the next year.

It's a brilliant system that works fabulously. I'm guaranteed the top level status every year and the best Elite gift. There's only one downside, which is a balloon payment of Club Nintendo surveys. If you're entering a number of codes at once, you're filling out a multitude of surveys in one fell swoop. Then, you're doing it again once the post-play surveys appear, because 10 more coins is 10 more coins.


This system also makes for a few very tedious, Club Nintendo Survey nights. Putting in one code after another, filling out each survey, is quite a time consuming affair. Fortunately, I'm here to share a few tips to make it quicker and easier in case any of you decide to try and follow my plan.

First, you should always try to do as many Club Nintendo surveys as you can sit through at once. I've found it's quite easy to miss out on a 10 coin post-play survey. I know I only log into my Club Nintendo once a month, if even that, so it makes sense to ensure you have at least a two or three month window before missing out on coins.

I'd also recommend relying on, "N/A" a lot. Some boxes have to have text in them before you can submit the survey. Jotting in N/A will fulfill the requirement, but also keep you from putting in a lot of filler text when you don't have any strong feelings for a particular game. Of course if you really did love (or hate) a title, then make sure you let Nintendo know it, and mark down how much you did (or didn't) appreciate it.


Though most importantly, you should pay close attention to the boxes where Nintendo asks for miscellaneous comments. There's usually one of these in each Club Nintendo survey. When I go through one of these Club Nintendo Survey nights, I always keep one specific phrase copied and pasted. "Please bring import games and Mother 3 to the eShop. Also, please give us a sequel to Golden Sun: Dark Dawn." Any time I see a box asking for a general comment, that phrase is pasted into it.

Finally, try to remember to visit the Club Nintendo website once a month. New items are added monthly, and the downloadable rewards selection is usually refreshed the first week of every month. Sometimes, those downloadable games can be pretty darn awesome, and you never know when a good reward can be added or restocked. 

Club Nintendo may mean filling out a plethora of tedious forms, but in the end, it's worth it. Those coins, free games, and physical rewards are the light at the end of our internet tunnels, and it never hurts to try and level up to Platinum status.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 07/21/2014

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