What’s in Store for MKX at Gamescom?
Mortal Kombat X

This drought of MKX news has left us thirsty for more!

2014 has certainly been a big year for hype. With the likes of game-changing releases such as Destiny on the horizon (and much anticipated sequels like Arkham Knight and more) we’ve had no shortage of things to look forward to. Mortal Kombat X was added to that list at E3, as we were given a plethora of great tidbits to wet our appetites. Fresh characters, an alternate timeline and a change-up in the play mechanics were just some of the steps along the path it planned to forge in a completely new direction.

And then things kinda’ abruptly died off.

I suppose that’s the nature of game development, as news periods are going to experience a lull as they continue to work on the title. It appears we were a bit spoiled at the convention, as now players have expected NetherRealm Studios to continually feed us morsels regarding their upcoming release. However, it’s been quite some time since we’ve heard much of anything regarding the game’s status, its roster, storyline…practically anything!

The good news is that series co-creator Ed Boon finally broke radio silence with a recent tweet. In response to the usual fans hounding him for more info, here is the hint Boon dropped in response (via his Twitter page) on Wednesday: “I won't play GAMES or try to COMpete with you.” Of course I’m no detective, but I don’t think it takes a brilliant mind to see he’s hinting that additional information will be provided at the forthcoming Gamescom event in Germany. Exactly what that will be, who knows…but at least we know we’ll get something.


So which piece of the MK puzzle are NetherRealm and Boon likely to drop on us next?

It’s really hard to say at this point. Game development is a fickle thing. As I mentioned before, sometimes the news can flow like a river while other times it trickles out like a dried up brook. It’s all depends on what part of the gestation process the game is currently in. I would imagine that by now characters, characters, characters are what fill the design team’s plate. That is why we’ve seen a lot of renderings which are “fighter-centric” lately. First was a breakdown of D'Vorah's many unique combat styles (each one will feature a different look to denote which style the player is using) as well as the most recent reveal of Sub-Zero’s. While D’Vorha’s depict a nice variety in her appearance from variation to variation, I was a little disappointed in Subbies. The costumes representing his three distinct styles (Cryomancer, Unbreakable and Grandmaster) all look virtually identical. So for me, I’m really hoping a reveal at Gamescom showcases this won’t be the norm. After all, when they suggested the game would depicted a “Greatest Hits” version of each character, I think most of us expected something in line with Mortal Kombat Trilogy or the MK 2009 DLC (IE: plenty of classic costuming). Offering up such minor changes and calling them different is not my idea of variety. I truly hope this is not a “...taste of things to come” as Shang Tsung once said.

Mortal Kombat X

Storyline reveal is the next check box on my MKX wish list. We’ve not gotten much in the way of spoilers just yet, as things have been left pretty vague. All we know is that this tournament (if you can call it that anymore) will pick up generally where the last game left off, but then fast forward. We’re going to see a very different plot play out, since this time we cover a span of about 20+ years into the future (which is why many of the classic characters already revealed are either immortal beings or ancestors of the previous roster). So far, all we’ve been told is that a surprise return is expected in regards to our boss character. Boon has teased it’s someone we’ll find fun, yet may not expect. Most people assumed it would be Shinnok at first (as this is technically an MK4 remake) but now that is very much up in the air. Gamescom will hopefully bring new details that will help paint a clearer picture in that regard, as the story mode (including the elaborate set of “what if?” endings) has always been the backbone of every great MK game in my opinion.

So circle your calendars for August 13th; as it kicks off the first day of the German trade show. I’m sure there will be other great gaming info to spill out of the event as well, but MKX is what this journalist has his eyes on. Fingers crossed that I’ll be sitting here elated due to all the sweet announcements bestowed upon us in two short weeks from now (or perhaps I’ll be irritated at the lack thereof).

All I know is that my button-mashing fingers are starting to twitch uncontrollably. I’m jonesing for a Kombat fix soon!

Jason Messer
Jason Messer

Editor-in-Chief / Video Content Director
Date: 08/04/2014

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