Gamers Are Sexist. But Should It Bother Us?


The gaming industry definitely has a penchant for large-chested women, which is understandable because men are the primary customer base. And, as you might know, men enjoy breasts. But, as the gender ratio shifts, developers and publishers have started to question this characteristic portrayal of women. Laura Croft is one of gaming's most iconic sex symbols, and even she’s received a much needed sterilization.

Now she wears pants.

But with all of the forward progress being made among developers and publishers, gamers themselves seem indifferent. There's no rally cry for more sexual content, but gamers definitely gobble up anything that comes out. This is probably most evident for those of us who have access to statistical information about gaming-related behavior. I don't want to divulge any trade secrets here, but whenever I write an article that's got heavily sexualized undertones, people tend to click. 


That's why you clicked on this article, right?

Perhaps there's something about the anonymity of a computer, or a console, that frees people up to follow their animal instincts. After all, masks weren't designed for civilized societies. But it's very hard to deny the attraction that gamers have to half-naked women. When we're pitching articles, most editors like to repeat the phrase, "Breasts mean success."

All right. I'll admit that I just made up that slogan, but I'm assuming that it'll catch on.




Here's my question: Does it bother you that we all act this way? Sure, we have a biological inclination for sexual behavior, but that doesn't mean that it dictates our every move. Plus, part of what makes the human brain so impressive is its ability to overpower animal instinct with intelligence.

Politicians and mothers want us to feel guilty about the way we naturally act, but do they have a point? And does our support of a sexually-charged industry make it harder for women to become involved?

I certainly don't have the answers. What do you think? 



Josh Engen
News Director
Date: January 28, 2013


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