Let's Hope The Super Smash Bros. Roster Leak Is Real
Super Smash Bros.

We've all seen the alleged Super Smash Bros. leaks. We've seen what could be. Now, there's only hope, because this rumored roster has to be true. This must be real, because there is a grudge and, if this proves accurate, a long held wrong may finally be righted.

For if this Super Smash Bros. roster leak is accurate, then that damn Duck Hunt dog will finally get his comeuppance.

You know what I'm talking about. That Duck Hunt Dog has been a thorn in our sides since 1985. (1984, for people in Japan!) For years we had to silently sit and take his mockery, with no real way to strike back. Now, though, we'll finally have our chance. Should this Super Smash Bros. leak prove accurate, we shall have satisfaction.


Some have expressed criticism as to how the Duck Hunt Dog would even play. His play style doesn't matter. The important thing is, he exists. I'd almost prefer him to be some sort of joke character, because that would make beating him even more satisfying. The Duck Hunt Dog as a D, E, or even F tier character would be justice for those of us who spent our childhood ridiculed by that menacing mutt.

Though, it may be even better if the Duck Hunt Dog proved a viable contender. Imagine the rage this creature could induce. All those memories of failure in front of the NES will be resurrected. Only this time, we won't have to just take it. We can try to fight back. Which will, of course, make it even more painful if the Duck Hunt Dog wins.

Super Smash Bros.

If this Super Smash Bros. scenario proves real, it will truly be for the best. Our greatest childhood foe will return. We will finally be I a position to properly deal with him. Most importantly, it shows imagination on the part of Nintendo. Rather than another clone or character from an existing series, we would get a delightful injection of unexpected nostalgia.

But we can never forget the most important reason for praying this leak is real. That Duck Hunt Dog needs to be put in his place! We can't have him thinking all of that mockery has been forgiven over the years. Not when the time has finally come for sweet, sweet revenge!

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 08/26/2014

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