Play The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo and Be Afraid
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A brand new game just came out. Its browser based, its text based, and under the right conditions it’s absolutely terrifying. It’s called The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo, and it understands what makes gamers afraid.

The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo is, essentially, an interactive creepypasta. It tells the story of two kids having a sleepover one rainy and stormy night. One of the kids has an “uncle who works at Nintendo” that gives him all the latest games and toys. The uncle is coming over to the house in order to stay the night, for “business”. That’s when things start getting weird.

A lot of questions are brought up before the uncle comes to visit. You live in a small town. Why would Nintendo have business there? The uncle has never been referred to by name, why is that? You’ve never seen the uncle… why is that? Why does your friend’s Mom keep insisting that your friend’s uncle is hungry? What, in not so many words, is going on?

This can lead you down one of many different story paths. Do you confront your friend? Do you fight him? Do you go home? Do you hide out and wait to see the supposed uncle?

And what ensues is a fantastic story that manages to break the fourth wall in interesting ways. The game takes control of your browser, makes you feel like your computer is corrupted with some sort of virus, and continues to freak you out one ending at a time. There are six endings to the game, some of which you can only get after having experienced other endings before. They are tragic and heartwrenching and incredibly creepy. This is definitely one game you want to play this Halloween.

A lot of people have been complaining (because it’s the internet, that’s what we do) that The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo is not really a game. It’s mostly just a piece of interactive fiction, and this is true. It’s a lot like a choose your own story, except there are elements of time management in it, so you could argue that there are gameplay elements.

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But even so, The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo taps into what it’s like to be a childhood gamer, all the good, the bad, the paranoia, and more. It makes you feel like a lost kid, huddling in your room afraid of the boogeyman once more. It’s that reason that The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo is so good. It makes us remember what scared us in our youth and makes us afraid of those things as adults.

To play The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo, head on over to the official website, and tell us whether or not it scared you.

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 10/23/2014

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