Why Do You Hate Call Of Duty?

I'm always a little confused by the kind of genuine anger that some people have for Call of Duty. I mean, gamers aren't typically known for having calm and reasoned discussions, but Call of Duty always seems to bring out a particularly vitriolic crowd.

The thing is, we're just talking about personal preferences here, right? No one is molesting children or murdering elderly women, so the standard stampede of anti-CoD rhetoric makes gamers sound particularly nutty. And this is probably why I can't stop myself from asking people to talk about Call of Duty.

Last week, I asked our Facebook followers to explain their hated for Call of Duty. They can’t.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:


“I still play world at war zombies never will I purchase a black ops super black ops or black ops 2 turbo”


So, you had fun the first time, but you refuse try anything new? I bet your girlfriend uses the word unsatisfied a lot.


“because a 8 year old talking s*** is really annoying and you know that if you sitting on the same couch they would not be talking as much”


I think this is an argument against all online gaming, not just CoD.


“It might be the reason I may never get a PS3 >:|”


CoD is available on every major platform. So, why aren't you going to get a PS3? I'm so confused.


“Unrealistic it's like 5 guys against a whole army”


I'm sure you have a ton of real-world battlefield experience. I'll let Activision know that you're frustrated with CoD's lack of realism and I'm sure they'll contact you for a consultation.


“I hate call of duty because it looks too realistic, there are way to many weapons to choose from, and if you play hardcore and camp you always die....”


I would give anything to introduce the last two commenters. I would bring a video camera and make a YouTube documentary.


“unrealistic; you get can get shot with a desert eagle like 5 times and magically heal from it like it was nothing but a knife wound anywhere on the body (that's not in a vital area) automatically kills you”


Here's another guy for my documentary. I think I’ll call it “People Who Don’t Understand What A Video Game Is.”


“Can you fly, drive and explore an open world? Well can you...Not like BF3! Bf3 will dominate cod for a long time to come. Bf3 is such an awesome experience.”



You also can't shoot fireballs from your fingers or ride a dinosaur. So, obviously Super Mario Bros will dominate CoD for a long time as well.


“For those who say its unrealistic, TRY PLAYING HARDCORE MODE!!! This will usually filter out boobs and kids as well.”


Why would anyone want to filter out boobs?


“The amount of stupid and idiotic comments here amaze me.”


You and me both, buddy. You and me both.




Josh Engen
News Director
Date: March 11, 2013


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