Gears of War: Judgment – The Gameplay And The Glitches

Gears of War: Judgment just hit shelves not too long ago, and it brings some much-needed changes to the franchise. To celebrate, I sat down with my good friend Andy Rierson, who’s never played a Gears of War game in his life, and I made him play some of the brand new free-for-all mode. His time with the game was met with frustration and anger, though he warmed up to the Lacer’s chainsawy goodness pretty quickly.

It was a night of laughter and swearing, and thankfully we got the gameplay (and Andy’s anguish) on video. Check it out:

Oh, and at one point, we got the game to bug out in the middle of a multiplayer match. Andy’s character floated into the air for a second after death, then he spawned back in with no control over the camera or his weapon. We got that weirdness on video as well. Enjoy.



Josh Wirtanen
Editor / Social Media
Date: March 25, 2013


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