Don’t Believe the Nintendo NX Hype

Have you heard about Nintendo's NX? It'd be difficult for you to say no, if you're big into video games. Ever since it was technically announced on March 17, 2015, information has been leaking onto the internet. Good stuff, you know? Things that have to be true. Especially since some notes are from people who have gotten a few things right before. Except we shouldn't trust anything that doesn't come from Nintendo, because it's all too confusing.

Take the release date. Everyone keeps thinking it'll be sometime in 2016. That's a leading rumor. Except Japan's Macquarie Capital Securities report speculates that the portable part of the NX could be out in 2016, with its console part out in 2017. Of course, neither should be believed. Not until E3 2016, when Nintendo will hopefully offer a full reveal of the NX. Don't start gambling on release dates when you don't even know a console's official name yet!

The thought of what games could come with it is on everyone's mind as well. Again, rumors can't seem to agree. One source on NeoGAF claims the Nintendo NX won't have much third party support, citing the difficulty that comes from trying to get a dev unit and the delay in supporting engines. On the other hand, a source known as Geno says developers love it, due to how well it runs Unreal Engine 4 and Android OS games. Everyone is saying something different. Neither can be believed.


Speaking of those Geno leaks, the information that contradicts even more that had allegedly spilled out about the Nintendo NX. His information says there will be a HDMI dongle, which can be put into a HDTV's HDMI port to stream gameplay footage to it. Except a Nintendo GFK Survey concerning this system, which appeared back in January, mentioned an HDMI cable among the things that come with it. It's a case of a survey that was verified by Eurogamer perhaps contradicting a rumor from someone whose identity we don't even know.

It's easy to get caught up in hype machines. Companies love it, because it gets us talking about their products without any work on their part. But please, don't believe any of these rumors. Sure, go ahead and read them. Imagine what could be. Don't spread them around as fact, though. All of these rumors are overwhelming, there are so many, and we should only trust things that come directly from the source.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 03/02/2016

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