Game-on-the-Go in Complete Relaxation With the Sumo Air

Getting comfortable while gaming is a tricky thing. I can’t always sit on my couch, because some games have ridiculously small fonts, forcing me onto the floor. My friend has a specific Sumo Omni chair with just the right angle to see the action perfectly. It's too bad you only get to have it when you’re in your actual home. Chairs are typically stationary things. Except now, Sumo has created a Sumo Air lounger.

It’s pretty much what it sounds like. A Sumo Air lounger is an inflatable nylon chair. It’s designed to go anywhere and do anything. You can have it indoors and out. It can even float in pools, if you’re so inclined. It’s the sort of all-purpose affair that you can actually enjoy. Which is important, because when you’re playing a game, you’re not worried about being careful with your things. You’re more concerned with what’s happening on your screen, be it handheld or portable.

That's why the Sumo Air’s quality is so important. We see a lot of beanbag-esque chairs you toss around. These pieces of furniture see some things, man. There was one in my college’s newspaper office that had a permanent funk to it and tears all over, patched up with duct tape. It wasn't appealing. The Sumo Air is 300 grade ripstop nylon, so it isn’t going to tear easily, if at all. It can tolerate whatever you decide to do to it, even though it’s inflated with air. It also can be cleaned with soap, water, and a washcloth, so you don’t need to be delicate with it.

This means it’s okay to take the Sumo Air with you anywhere you may go. I mean, we live in an age of portable games, be they mobile or handheld. This seems like the perfect chair to throw in your trunk, inflate at your favorite PokeStop when some lures have been thrown down, and play Pokemon Go. Or, maybe you head over to a friend’s and want to have a better seat in his or her place than on the floor. Carry the almost three point Sumo Air, inflate it, and sit down to play one of their console games or one of your own 3DS or Vita games. It’s all about practicality. 

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I think what amazes me most is the versatility. This is basically a cushion filled with air. I understand that. Yet, it’s big enough to actually sit two, maybe even three, people. You have a cup holder and a holder for your 3DS, Vita, phone, or tablet. It has all this space and all these options, which you don’t expect from something so small.

It’s a freeing experience. I always find myself sitting on the floor at friends’ places, because we live in small apartments and homes. It’s easier to play games, see the screen, and fit everyone that way. With something like the Sumo Air, you can pay $75 and get something that you can use anywhere and everywhere. It’s easy to inflate and set up, it’s light and small enough to carry around, everyone can use it, and it lets you get super cozy with your games. The next time you’re looking for a new gaming throne, check it out.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 07/29/2016

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