Why the Nudity in Watch Dogs 2 Should Not Be Removed
Watch Dogs 2

There are naked people in Watch Dogs 2. This, in and of itself, isn't surprising. It is a Mature-rated, open-world game, and titles from this genre aren't known for shying away from adult content. It isn't always sexual in nature. Someone happened to find a woman without underwear and with incredibly detailed lady bits once, and others came forward with their images. The question is, does Watch Dogs 2 handle it well? Did it even need the nudity at all?

Answers to both of those questions can be very personal. Different Watch Dogs 2 players will have different responses, depending on their upbringing, comfort with the human body, maturity levels, and place on the moral spectrum. I'd lean toward saying it isn't too bad and, while occasionally unrealistic, has moments where it recreates the big city experience.


I've lived in and around Chicago my whole life. Being a big city with lots of different personalities, that means seeing things. My optometrist's office when I was a child had huge windows facing the street. While waiting for an appointment when I was eight, a man in his underwear rode past on his bike. About ten minutes later, he rode past again. The second time, the undies were gone. (I can't help but think that was a rather uncomfortable ride.) When I was eleven, my parents and I came home to find a man peeing on the side of the building where we lived. In college, there were a few male and female streakers.

With Watch Dogs 2, it almost feels like the nudity we glimpse is related to incidental experiences like this. There have been two times now when I was playing and Marcus walked past a naked man peeing alongside a building. While the one during the day was a little unbelievable, the one doing so at night didn't give me any pause. Sure. That happens sometimes in cities.

In another instance, someone playing Watch Dogs 2 found a backyard with naked people cavorting with bubbles and hula hoops. Naturally, this was shared online. In the words of my editor, "I'm pretty sure the Summer of Love isn't still happening in San Francisco, maaaan." Still, San Francisco does have a hippie history. The Washington Post had a story saying the Bay Area had the highest concentration of marijuana smokers in the country. It's also a warm climate, which seems like it'd be a necessity for nudists who wanted to be naked outdoors. While this example of in-game nudity is silly and not entirely necessary, it would fit within the environment's context.

Watch Dogs 2

And then, there are the strip clubs. Which is so commonplace in open-world, gritty games like this that it's unsurprising. Watch Dogs 2 has strip clubs? Yeah, Grand Theft Auto, Mafia, and Watch Dogs have all had those before. Are they necessarily appealing? It depends on the person. I wouldn't go in, but acknowledge they're part of every major city. It stands to reason a game recreating San Francisco, a city that undoubtedly has strip clubs, would include one.

There are people who might feel uncomfortable with Watch Dogs 2's nudity. Especially since it can pop up when you're walking down a street and least expect it. Which is fine. Some people are bothered by that kind of thing. Others aren't. In the context of the game and environment, it could be argued that the naked character models roaming around have their place.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 12/02/2016

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