Tempted: Why Some Just Can’t Stop Cheating

Admittedly, cheating is the fast and easy route to winning a game – and honestly very tempting for a n00b player. Especially with a multiplayer game, it is very hard for a brand-new player with no experience to get into it. As you might know, it is a quick and boring game if you don't even have time to aim before you're dead. And after the 20th time, it's hard to be convinced that practice makes perfect. Cheaters, indeed, are part of the problem in these cases when they tip the scale of the game.

I admit, even with an easy game like Overwatch, I was tempted to find a cheat that would help me last longer than three seconds. But with Blizzard’s heavy-handed bans and frankly stellar detection system, I could never get away with it. I am not nearly hack-savvy enough to even try. In addition, the guilt would probably eat me alive.


There are nonetheless cheaters that are downright furious with Blizzard’s new wave of bans. Previously completely undetectable cheats have been snagged by Blizzard and the usual punishments have been dealt out. Many of the cheaters, however, feel they have a case against Blizzard. Posted in the official Overwatch forums is a compilation of these claims. They state mostly that cheaters feel they shouldn't be punished for only running “the hack one time,” never having "raged killed" anyone, or having only used the hack in training mode. For those who would like a solution if you get banned, all you have to do is “run cccleaner, restart ur pc/modem, make new email with different details, buy the game and buy hack and enjoy life.” Bear in mind, that quote is from someone with 7 Overwatch accounts.

My personal favorite are a few users who have stated that they want to sue Blizzard. Well, cheating is in direct violation of Blizzard’s terms of service. Even if we don't get into the morality of the act, it's literally illegal in this case. You press x, you are signing the agreement and there's no getting out of that. I don't think these cheaters have a case against Blizzard.


But do they deserve one? No, because learning the consequences of cheating is important. It's not fair to new players, or to those who wish to test their skills. If you are impatient and want/need to finish the game quickly, use the power of scheduling. If you love messing with people, the mod community and Dark Souls is for you. If you suck and don't want to grind/practice to get better, then maybe this isn't your kind of game.

So no matter how tempting it may be, cheating in Overwatch just isn't worth it. It doesn't help to play a fair game for anyone involved. And there certainly isn't any kind of legal case for it, because of the direct violation of Blizzard’s terms of service. Never mind that cheaters don't deserve the courtesy when they are clearly incapable of playing fair.

Christine Pugatschew
Christine Pugatschew

Contributing Writer
Date: 12/06/2016

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