How Can Nintendo Fix Splatoon 2?
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Splatoon 2 is coming to the Switch. This is good news! Splatoon was both one of the best Wii U games and 2015’s best new IPs. It was a fantastic title, and the announcement that the Switch is getting a full sequel, instead of just an updated version of the game we’ve already played, is great. What isn’t so great is the air of mystery around it. For a game coming out this summer, we’ve seen very little actual information. Even at the Switch announcement and preview event in January, precious new information was revealed beyond the dual pistol Splat Dualies, The Reef map, and some new special weapons.

While we wait for new information, why don’t we go over some things that should be present in Splatoon 2? The first game was really great. We love it, but there’s always room for improvement. There are various elements that need to be expanded and fixed, or maybe even added. Why not hope for the best, since Nintendo isn’t telling us exactly what to expect just yet?


One thing Splatoon 2 will definitely need is more playlists. In the original Splatoon, we always only had guaranteed access to Turf War. The other three modes, which were Rainmaker, Splat Zones, and Tower Control, were only available in Ranked and Private Battles. With Ranked Battles, you had to wait for the mode you wanted to show up, since only one was available at a time. Splatoon 2 needs to have all available game modes playable at once in both ranked and unranked options. And, while they’re at it, eliminate Splatoon’s restriction that only allows two maps available at a time. Let all maps be available at once for each mode.

We should also have a means of organizing and siding with friends. In Splatoon, you could follow a friend into their matches, but that didn’t mean you’d be on their side. It just meant you’d be in the same game. In private matches, you could set sides, but there should be an ability to form teams and guilds outside of these matches. This is a series that is constantly dividing people into teams. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have ranked matches with your specific team against opposing ones? It’d be a lot better than just trying to bolster your own ratings.

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And, of course, we need new weapons and characters. We’ve only seen the Splat Dualies, but they look pretty good. Maybe have an array of additional weapons inspired by squirt guns and drawing utensils. Maybe some kind of marker that’s not too different from the paintbrush we’re used to, but that can also be used as a lance-like melee-weapon? A thicker paintbrush would work too. And, when you think about it, there isn’t a shotgun style weapon in Splatoon yet.

We could also use some Octolings here. Back when Splatoon was released, people would use hacks to play as the enemies, so why not make them an official character option? They could be a cosmetic change or offer some sort of different gameplay mechanic when compared to Inklings. Maybe different weapons?

Nintendo’s going to have to start spilling the Splatoon 2 beans soon. Its release is drawing near. Surely, new maps, equipment, and attire are guaranteed additions. But we should also be hoping for changes to the system. We should be rooting for improved multiplayer options, opportunities to join up with other players, and perhaps even a new race to represent. 

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 01/31/2017

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