PS4 Is Already Kickin’ Ass in 2017

What critics think about games isn’t always the best indicator of whether titles are good or not. After all, everyone prioritizes and values things differently. But, when you see a near unanimous reception to certain games, it’s a pretty strong indicator that something is going absolutely right. It’s why sites like Metacritic can be a helpful tool when it comes to considering games. It’s also why we can look at such a site and all of the releases in 2017 so far and get some idea of which system could offer the best array of games in 2017. This year, it seems like the PlayStation 4 could be the winner.

If you look at games released in the last 90-days on Metacritic, there’s a rather obvious trend. Of the thirteen top rated games released in 2017 so far, eight of them are available on the PlayStation 4. There are some technicalities, sure. In some cases, versions of the games on other platforms are rated higher than the PlayStation 4 version. Still, what matters is that two months into 2017, most of the games people want are on the PlayStation 4.


There are so many AAA PlayStation 4 games that are successful right now. Horizon: Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 7, For Honor, and even Nioh are huge titles that had tons of hype behind them. They’re the sort of games that sell systems. Horizon: Zero Dawn is currently one of the top rated games on Metacritic and is enjoying all sorts of hype. Resident Evil 7 was January’s best title, and PlayStation 4 owners even had access to PlayStation VR-exclusive content and new DLC before anyone else. Nioh is only on the PlayStation 4. Of these four games, For Honor was the only one that offered the same sort of experience across all platforms.

That’s only the start. Many of the other critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 games out now belong to more niche audiences. Yet, on this system, they’ve exploded in popularity. Yakuza 0, what some might consider the Japanese equivalent of Grand Theft Auto, ended up being one of the system’s most notable releases. Well, after people realized you could hire a chicken named Nugget to work as a property manager. Tales of Berseria offered people a new JRPG. Gravity Rush 2 was an artistic and unorthodox adventure. There’s even Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone for people who want to get a little musical.

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Of course, so far we’ve only gone over the games that are at the top on Metacritic. We haven’t taken into account the indie games that have appeared on the PlayStation 4 since 2017 began. Night in the Woods, Chime Sharp, Typoman, 2064: Read Only Memories, and The Turing Test have all come to the system this year. All of them are critically acclaimed and loved by the people playing them.

All of these games prove one thing. It’s only February and the PlayStation 4 is already winning. There are so many AAA games that have been huge successes. A bunch of niche games have made a huge splash. On top of that, a bunch of incredible indie games have joined the library. 2017 is looking amazing for PlayStation 4 games, ones that could make it the best received system this year.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 02/28/2017

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