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Playing games on your computer or console may seem like a relaxing activity. After all, you’re setting down in your home. You aren’t breaking a sweat. The only part of your body actually moving around are your fingers and wrists. But, such actions take a toll on you. While it might seem like you aren’t doing anything, you are actually performing the same actions over and over again.

This can lead to repetitive strain injury, leading to issues like carpal tunnel syndrome or things like stenosing tenosynovitis. Of course, you’d probably better recognize that second issue as Trigger Finger or Thumb, which afflicts the tendons in the hand from repetitive game playing. Fortunately, there are tools from Penclic that alleviate such issues, rather than exacerbate them.


Penclic is a Swedish company that focuses on creating computer accessories that are designed to help prevent and less further damage to people who are suffering from repetitive strain injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Trigger Thumb. People can turn to items like the corded Mini Keyboard C2 and Mouse B2 Bluetooth pen to offer a little bit of comfort. These pieces of equipment allow you to maintain your lifestyle without making major adjustments.

Penclic’s Mini Keyboard C2 is a wired keyboard that’s slightly more compact with lower than usual keys. This keeps you reaching further and allows you to remain centered. It alleviates the stressors associated with a normal keyboard. Yet, while it is smaller than usual, it has the normal-sized keys you’re familiar with. The keys are even Quiet-touch, so they won’t make as much noise as a normal keyboard as you work. It’s a standard plug-and-play device, with extra functions you can trigger by pressing the Fn key. There are even two USB ports, for convenience sake. Think of it as a possibly more relaxing peripheral.

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Meanwhile, the Penclic Mouse is easier on someone who finds themselves often using a mouse due to its unique positioning. It’s designed to look and act like a pen, meaning you’ll use some different muscles when using it. It even allows you to adjust the angles to suit your grip, and there are different models for right and left-handed users. It even has a scroll wheel and between three and five buttons for you to customize, meaning this Penclic Mouse can behave in the same way as your current mouse, only more accommodating. It’s a plug-and-play device, just like the Mini Keyboard, and has adjustable dpi settings so you can customize the response to suit you.

You don’t realize the damage you’re doing to your body until it’s already done. All those hours spent exploring Skyrim, saving Hyrule, supporting your company in Call of Duty, or backing your team in League of Legends adds up. Those repetitive motions could take their toll. Keep a company like Penclic and its products in mind when you want to have something a little more comfortable on hand.

CheatCC Team
CheatCC Team
Date: 03/02/2017

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