How Fans Are Keeping GTA V Fun
Grand Theft Auto V

Something extraordinary is happening in the world of Grand Theft Auto V. Which is an odd thing to say. I mean, this is a game that is four years old on consoles and two years old on PC. Of course new things are happening in GTA Online, its online multiplayer element, but to hear something amazing is happening in the primary portion is unexpected. Yet here it is, the .White Team is modding the game to make it Red Dead Redemption. Specifically, it will be Red Dead Redemption V, will be a modification with full map and other content, and the single player beta will open in summer 2017.

Which is crazy, right? Red Dead Redemption in GTA V? It’s the sort of thing that shouldn’t be happening with a PC game that was never really meant to be modded, yet here we are. And it isn’t the only extensive mod either. People have been working on the game for years now. They’re cracking into it and doing things you’d never think possible. All of which serve to make the game even better.


Some enhance the GTA V we already know and love. The changes are minor or cosmetic. Nothing completely unorthodox is added. Open All Interiors is a mod that let you go inside places. Something that’s totally welcome. VisualV completely rewrote the game’s weather, modified areas and interiors, offered some color correction, and basically made the game even more beautiful. Plenty of cars and weapons have been added, perhaps to make existing ones look better or fill glaring gaps. Fine-Tuned Felony and Response rebalances police’s reactions to your crimes, which is wonderful. Also, I’m a big fan of the more detailed and intricate 4K Satellite View map of the game. All of these mods help enhance what’s already there and improve our quality of life.

But they aren’t the only ones that make GTA V so amazing. Mods like Red Dead Redemption V are also quite common. These are the ones that completely change the game in some major, perhaps positive, manner. There’s GTA RPG, which adds leveling, weapon unlocking, a quest system, skill trees, and dialogue trees. Raven Rock offers an island with a military base and places where you need to be Metal Gear Solid-style stealthy to sneak inside. PoliceMod and Firefighter even lets you be a cop or fireman, bringing back a variation of the Vigilante and Firefighter modes to a entry where both are absent. Multiplayer co-op even adds cooperative multiplayer. All of these are pretty big deals and completely alter and improve the game.

Grand Theft Auto V

There are even the silly GTA V mods that help make the game goofier and more worthwhile. Are cops and criminals too tame for you? What about adding aliens and dragons? Those seem like pretty worthy enemies. Are you tired of being Michael, Franklin, or Trevor? Then go be Iron Man or the Hulk. Are the guns you have not enough? Then what about using Battlefield 4’s weapons in the game with the Ultimate Battlefield Weapons Pack? These do just as much good for GTA V as the more serious mods.

GTA V is a game that is never going to get old. It was too revolutionary and too good from the start, and now all these mods are only making things better. GTA V mods are what will keep this game alive, relevant, and popular for ten and twenty years after its release. They’re varied, ingenious, and wonderful.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 03/27/2017

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