Is VR Porn on the PlayStation a Smart Move?

It's-a me, April Marie, taking another round on the virtual reality merry-go-round. It's no secret I love VR; it's equally no secret that I love talking about VR. The future is here, and it is virtual, in so many more ways than one. From our mobile devices, we have access to the entirety of the wide virtual web. If we need to know how many millimeters long a millipede can be, we can have that answer almost instantaneously. If I'm lost in the middle of the desert, I'm never truly lost so long as I have cell service. If ever you have what my college friends referred to as a “masturbation emergency,” you've got a literal ton of options at your fingertips.

How do these two things relate? Well if you've kept up with anything in the virtual reality community you probably already know. Virtual reality and pornography have practically gone hand in hand since its inception. The point of porn is to take you out of reality and put you into a fantasy. The point of virtual reality is to take you out of reality and immerse you into another one. Sounds pretty comparable doesn't it? This is an incredibly dumbed down argument for virtual reality porn, but it's a legitimate one. And the one that makes the most sense without have to talk for hours with dozens of well documented arguments.

Love it or hate it, porn serves a purpose. It's a massive industry that is not going anywhere any time soon. Just like any other business they need to keep up with the times to stay relevant. Virtual reality is a futuristic technology living in the now, so of course pornography companies are going to take advantage of it. It's the perfect technology to further the porn industry as it brings another level of immersion that users are looking for. Remember the Japanese VR weddings? Well here's the honeymoon amirite? Okay, bad joke I know. Can't fault me for trying right?


The viability of VR porn, or whether its right or wrong, it isn't really in question in this article. It's a niche market that's just dying to be filled, and plenty of companies are going to come along with their sizable interests and fill it. The users will be happy, the porn companies will be happy, and everyone else not related will be completely unaffected.

What I'd like to talk more about is a recent revelation from one particular porn studio. HoloFilm Productions, the creators of HoloGirlsVR, is coming to a mainstream provider. HoloGirlsVR is coming to PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation VR. By utilizing the Littlstar VR Cinema app, PSVR users will be able to access HoloGirlsVR 360-degree adult videos.

We've already talked at length about how there's a market for this, but we've been calling it niche. PSVR still has a pretty small user base, but the hope is that audience number is a grower and not a shower. With services like HoloGirlsVR, maybe that number will pop up even faster than we could have originally hoped for. The unification of an award-winning adult entertainment company is certain to heighten the PSVR's popularity in the VR gaming industry.

4-24-17 Hologirls logo.png

It's admittedly a little shocking to hear that Sony is making a move like this with the PSVR. As I said to my editor-in-chief this morning, it's certainly an interesting and ballsy move that they're making with this team-up. It's not like Sony has marketed themselves to be Nintendo-level family friendly, but they're still a company that releases games like DuckTales: Remastered and the Lego video game series. Imagine having one of those game titles next to “daddy's big-boy app that you kids are never supposed to touch.”

I don't have a numbers guy to check with, but I'm going to assume there are probably far more adult PS4 users than children. It's all of us millennials keeping up with our console purchases like good little capitalist consumers. So there probably isn't a ton of concern over the HoloGirlsVR deal altering the family oriented side of Sony's image. For those that do own a PSVR, want to have this app, and also have children, there's obviously parental control settings that can be changed to prevent little Timmy from hitting pre-mature puberty. All in all, the move (albeit surprising) is clearly a good one on Sony's part.

How do you feel about the future of virtual reality in regards to the porn industry? Were you as startled as I was about PSVR welcoming the adult entertainment industry? Let me know in the comments!

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 04/25/2017

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