Why Cayde-6 Is Our Freakin’ Hero!
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More and more Destiny 2 information is trickling out. There was that big March 30, 2017 reveal that was designed to rally the troops. We saw the Vanguard make a pitch for what’s going on and why we should be all excited and care. While Commander Zavala makes the standard honor, duty, and glory speech that you expect from a first-person shooter, it was Cayde-6 that made the more impassioned and interesting speech. Cayde-6 made that first Destiny 2 teaser, then went on to steal the show in the official reveal. Today, we’re going to go over why we hope his enthusiasm, personality, and increased presence carries over to the full game.

Cayde-6 has a great backstory.

Ready for some spoilers? Here we go.

Cayde-6 has an interesting backstory. He’s an Exo, which is a self-aware war machine. But, while he’s a robot now, he wasn’t always. Once, he was a human. He actually lived before the Collapse, and only became an Exo after being forced due to some kind of debt.

He also didn’t necessarily want to be the Hunter Vanguard. After the last person to hold that role, Andal Brask, was killed, Cayde-6 took the Vanguard Dare. When he lost, he had to take his place. That’s certainly more interesting than someone being the best man for the job and willingly taking on the job. Wouldn't it be great if Destiny 2 revealed how he became an Exo?


Cayde-6 has personality.

Even though Cayde-6 is the Hunter Vanguard, he’s not the perfect authority figure. He jokes about wanting to go back into the field throughout Destiny, trying to get you to sneak him along. He is actively involved in the infiltration of The Taken King’s Dreadnaught, getting the Warmind AI to help save the day. He’s constantly betting, scheming, and focused in bettering himself and his situation. Sure, he also does his job and helps save the day, vigorously asserting others should do the same, but you better believe he’d do it with a smile on his face. (We think he’s smiling?)

Cayde-6’s reveal trailer speech touches on what matters.

That Destiny 2 reveal trailer shows exactly why the sequel needs more of Cayde-6. While Commander Zavala was being all traditional, Cayde-6 brought up what mattered to us. We wanted some silliness in the game. Destiny could be silly, and sometimes it seemed like this Exo was the only one who got that. When he’s talking about his encounter with enemies in the Tower and city, he does so in a way that sounds like any gamer describing an encounter in a first-person shooter. He’s being melodramatic in the best way. Then, he sells the deal by reminding people of all the new loot that will be in the game. Because really, isn’t it all about the levels and awesome equipment?

Destiny 2

Cayde-6 is voiced by Nathan Fillion.

The original Destiny had some personality issues. While Peter Dinklage provided voice acting for the original game, it wasn’t exactly what we expected. (To be frank, was often only good because it was so awkward.) Nathan Fillion is an amazing actor who really gets into any role he takes. He gives Cayde-6 this intensity and passion that’s absolutely infectious. If he has a larger role, it will help make the game as a whole more interesting. Which would you rather hear, more Dinklage as Ghost or more FIllion as Cayde-6? The later is far more engaging.

Destiny 2 is a game that could do great things. Having familiar characters from the original in more prominent roles could help make the experience even better. Especially if they’re like Cayde-6 and end up getting bigger parts that take them out of the Tower and give them a chance to have even more influence on our guardians’ lives, as Cayde-6 did in The Taken King. But really, give us more Cayde-6 please!

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 05/05/2017

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