Why God of War Is So Important at E3 This Year
God of War

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This E3 is a very important one for many reasons. One of which is the plethora of information that is sure to come on God of War, the reboot for the series of the same name. God of War has been a staple for Sony systems, just as Kratos has been a mascot. It is something you look to and expect over the years. Which means not seeing a new installment since 2013’s God of War: Ascension has left us feeling quite left out in this substantial drought. But why is God of War so poignant?

There’s a sense of majority to the God of War series. It doesn’t shy away from dark or scandalous material. Think of it as a trendsetter. It was giving us more mature storylines before anyone else. It dared to do what others didn’t, in terms of violence and other sorts of M-rated themes. There is blood. There is sex. It will very likely make you uncomfortable.


Now, the new God of War is going to get us to think of maturity in a new way. It certainly seems like this Kratos could be just as dark as the old one. It looks like he is single-handedly raising a son. The trailers we’ve seen so far show monsters just as dangerous as the ones he faced alone. Perhaps we’ll get to see something along the lines of The Last of Us, only with a relationship that might not be as positive and supportive as the one between Ellie and Joel. What kind of role model could Kratos be? Could we be made powerful and uncomfortable in a whole new way?

God of War has also always offered a take on mythology that made it more accessible to people who might not go around reading tomes of ancient stories. Prior to the reboot, it did much to introduce people to Greek mythology. While movies like Disney’s Hercules and shows like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys were somewhat campy and didn’t always “go there,” God of War never shied away from the darker sides of the Grecian gods. 

God of War

This new God of War is going to do that with a whole new pantheon. The latest installment deals with Norse mythology. Which is something that’s already been getting a boost in the media, thanks to the American Gods series that has Mr. Wednesday, aka Odin, as one of its main characters. This is a chance for more of that. While God of War doesn’t tell the most accurate stories, it does a good job of representing gods. 

God of War has always been an enlightening series. It has let us go beyond and see more mature mythological adventures. All of the previous entries did a good job with their stories and making us think and feel things. We should all be hyped about the new reboot because it will very likely do the same.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 06/13/2017

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