Why Some Gamers Are Pissed About Destiny 2
Destiny 2

What is important when it comes to a game’s sequel? Well, first the property needs to be important enough to merit a sequel. If no one played the original, a sequel isn’t going to sell. Second, it needs to make enough significant changes and improvements to the formula. Third, a company has to show with its previous installment that this new entry is worth picking up and supporting. All of these apply to Destiny and Destiny 2, two installments in Bungie’s latest series. Unfortunately, it seems like the company is determined to go into this new game was as much ill will as possible.

The problem here is that Destiny was essentially a sort of MMO. Bungie didn’t really treat it right the first year and took time finding its footing. Then, when it did, it pulled the rug out from under people who thought this would be a substantial and supported installment, springing Destiny 2 on them about three years after the first’s debut. The behavior since the sequel’s announcement has made things seem even more concerning.


I mean, the initial announcements probably left people who had been supporting Destiny for years feel left out. “Guess what? We’re making a new game! That means everything is ending for this one. Oh well!” The one-two punch of having new Destiny content end and Destiny 2 get the story that original players probably always wanted is discouraging. Anything that maybe, possibly, perhaps could have come to them is now all being funneled directly into the sequel.

But hey, at least you could still bring all your hard work and effort into the new game, right? The years you spent playing Destiny weren’t for naught! Except they were. Your appearance can carry over, as well as some Emblems marking achievements you reached in the original game, but that’s it. The emotes you spent real money on, equipment you earned, and level you reached will be all gone. All of it will be left behind in a game where there will be no new content updates and an eventual end to Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris events. 

Destiny 2

There’s one more insidious element to all of this. There was a lot of Destiny PlayStation-exclusive content, like the Icarus map and an array of Exotic equipment and strikes. These were all timed-exclusives that are still exclusive, even now. When are they going to finally come to Microsoft platforms? After Destiny 2 launches on September 6, of course! And we won’t even get an actual release date until October. Keep in mind, Destiny 2 is also going to have exclusive equipment and levels for people with PlayStation 4s. It makes you worry about the future, right?

It's the sort of thing that makes you want to be cautious, rather than enthusiastic. Even though Destiny 2 seems to be making some really big and positive changes, Bungie has shown it has a track record of not really respecting Destiny players. The original game is being cut off rather quickly. Exclusives aren't becoming universal until after Destiny 2's release. And most of all, the hard work from the previous game is being excluded and left behind. It is rather worrying.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 06/30/2017

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