Why Streamers Will Love the PS4 Pro

Whenever a new firmware update is coming to a system and involves a number with multiple zeroes after it, it is a big deal. Companies like to save big and important features for updates that are 2.0.0, 3.0.0, 4.0.0, and so on. The PlayStation 4 is creeping up on one of these, with 5.0.0 looming on the horizon. Appropriately enough, it is shaping up to be one of these hallmark occasions. Why? Because Sony gets streaming and understands its audience.

Yes, this is going to be one of those streaming stories again. The reason being, that’s one of PlayStation 4 firmware 5.0.0’s biggest changes. The PlayStation 4 Pro will be able to stream at 1080p and 60FPS after the update is applied. This is in addition to other sharing features such as people being able to follow any account, not just verified ones, and determine who you want to be able to follow your account. It’s about enhancing and improving the PlayStation Network community, making it easier to share with one another. 


Having that kind of live streaming quality is huge. Whether someone is an amateur or professional, you want to have a clear, crisp video feed for people who are watching. It makes you look good, it makes the game look good, and it makes the company that made your system look good. Everyone benefits. By easily providing that option with the firmware, Sony is delivering something everyone wants. Plus, it makes saved videos of your live streams more timeless. Why would someone want to go back and watch something trapped at 640p? You could see other videos. But when a past live stream is available to watch at that level of quality, it becomes more attractive.

New following controls is just as important. You want to be able to watch and play with people you like. You want others to be able to keep up with you to. PlayStation 4 firmware 5.0.0 does that for everyone. Having the option to follow everyone, whether they are famous or not, is a big deal. You can keep connected. And yet, privacy is still respected with controls that let you control how “famous” you will be. It’s wonderful.

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Plus, you have to look at the hidden brilliance behind such a move. Twitch streaming at 1080p and 60FPS is a PlayStation Pro exclusive. People with standard PlayStation 4 systems won’t be capable of it. Given the high value attached to streaming games easily and at the best possible quality, it might prove to be the tipping point for people who were already considering an upgrade. By making this possible, Sony is giving people what they want and making the newest and most expensive version of their product more attractive.

With PlayStation 4 firmware 5.0.0, Sony is making many smart decisions. It is showing streaming, easy streaming, is a focus for them. It is giving you high quality presentations. It helps you keep track of others. Most importantly, it does more to set the PlayStation 4 Pro apart. This new update is easily a home run.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 08/11/2017

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