Is WWE 2K18 the Hottest Looking Wrestling Game Ever?
WWE 2K18

Last week, a rather major announcement was made regarding WWE 2K18. An array of news about various features came in, talking about how this installment will improve upon the last. Word on the internet is, this game will be the most realistic of them all. That’s quite a claim to make, but maybe it is actually possible. Perhaps WWE 2K18 could be taking a big step forward with its new mechanics.

I mean, there will always be an element of games that is detached from reality. While companies are trying really hard and getting better every day, there’s always this uncanny valley. People might not look exactly the way they should in real life. The faces will be off. Maybe the movements won’t be just right. We will look at these folks and think they look like people, but aren’t exact replicas. But with games like WWE 2K18, maybe behaviors being more realistic is enough to bridge the divide and make the game one of the best ones ever.


After all, one of the big changes in WWE 2K18 has to do with animations. When it comes to any game, movements are important. It doesn’t matter how good a character looks, if they’re going to have disjointed, robotic, and unnatural actions. There are over 80 new animations added to this installment. These have been updated to show more personality and indications of energy levels. Have you ever watched WWE wrestling? Have you noticed that some people perform moves differently? Or that even if they do look the same, they’ll look different at the end of a match when they’re exhausted and have been fighting for maybe five minutes? This is being taken into account here, and that’s important. I know in WWE 2K17,

Including the element of surprise is important as well. In WWE, not knowing what can happen next is such an important part. There’s a whole world there, and people are constantly engaging in conflicts outside of and sometimes in the middle of matches. That WWE 2K18 gets and understands that is a big step forward. Sure, previous games had these run-ins during matches. But now, there will be 12 different kinds. When this happens, it isn’t just about having a new opportunity. It can lead into an entirely new match if a quick pin occurs and the losing player gets a chance to deliver an off-the-clock beatdown. There are going to be backstage segments. When you are there, you can interact with other superstars and carry out some new fights. Catching people off guard is an important part of the show, and it seems like that could be true for the next game too.

WWE 2K18

And I mean, of course WWE 2K18 is going to look better. That’s the most important piece of the puzzle. Technology is always advancing and changing. While some preliminary screenshots may not make people look amazing, we have to remember that things look better in action than in stills sometimes. And we already know that there will be improved textures this time around. Add to that sourced lighting upgrades, and we have a situation where we have a minor step up from last year’s entry.

Sometimes, things happen in baby steps. We want games to always look their best. We may not appreciate how much things have changed from one year to the next. It would be foolhardy to say WWE 2K18 is going to be the best looking wrestling game of all time or nail everything exactly. But it certainly sounds like things are moving forward in a positive way. The game is definitely sounding more impressive than ever. Perhaps when it comes out on October 13, 2017, we will know for sure exactly how far it takes the genre into the future.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 08/21/2017

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