Tragedy Brings Out the Best in Gamers

They say that a person's real worth comes out in times of tragedy. Your friends that stick by you when you're going through a rough patch in life are the ones that you should hold on to. The best friends, coworkers, and family are those that are there when you're sick, when you're down, and even when you're a jerk. One jerk that's been destroying without a second thought lately is Hurricane Harvey. The massive storm has been pummeling Texas without signs of stopping, and many there are suffering. They don't have to suffer alone or in silence though. Many people and companies are stepping in to help where they can.

One of these companies in particular is Bungie, the creators of Destiny. They have their own fundraising division called the Bungie Foundation, but they've recently partnered with another company called Direct Relief. These people focus their time and energy on those that need help. Right now, they're bringing support to those suffering Harvey's wrath. Bungie is selling pins, with all the profits from their sales going to Direct Relief. While many may give the gaming community a pass, saying we're not all negative or toxic. Some might even say that gamers just don't care about anyone but themselves. This proves otherwise.


Just because we like to get lost in virtual worlds in our free-time, it doesn't mean we don't see what is going on around us. From my experience, gamers are some of the most giving people I know. There are so many fundraisers and efforts started by gamers to help different causes. I myself have participated many a year in the Extra Life fundraiser which has gamers completing 24 hour gaming marathons to raise money for Children's Hospitals. The amount of money that these gamers are able to raise through their enthusiasm for fun (and helping others) is absolutely staggering. I imagine the sales of Bungie's pins will produce a similar effect.

Many gamers go even further beyond sitting behind their computer or sharing links on their phones. There's one particular video that's going viral right now of someone dressed as Spider-Man and visiting with children in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. His presence alone is enough to cheer anyone. But the time he takes to connect with the children is where he really shines. Thanks to people like this Spider-Man, even those in the worst of times can smile. The world has tragedies and atrocities that we couldn't even imagine. But it also has hope and a level of caring that doesn't seem possible.  

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For everyone out there that sees the negativity of the video game industry, take the time to seek out the positive. We're not all about cursing foul words at each other or insulting each other's mothers. Sure, that's some of us, and that's not really going to go away, but we're so much more than that. The toxicity that exists in many gaming communities is completely balanced out by an overwhelming positivity. There are so many wonderful humanitarian efforts put forth by the gaming community. We need to share these stories of hope and kindness to show those outside the gaming sphere of life that we're not all bad. We're not all drama, bullying, and cheating. There's plenty of sharing, caring, and helping each other too.

Take to the comments friends! Tell me some of your best stories you have from you or your friends helping others through video games. I can't wait to hear all about it.

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 09/05/2017

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