Can Microsoft and Sony Ever Learn to Love?
Destiny: Rise of Iron

Sony and Microsoft have been engaging in a very long and intensive will they/won't they relationship for years now. At times, it seems like they'll never rectify their differences, and then there are still other moments where we can't help but hope. It's become another “just one of those things” within the industry. But the small little rays of hope that have been peaking through the abysmal clouds could be the start of a better day.

Perhaps Sony and Microsoft will finally be able to set aside their differences and behave like perfectly grown-up and reasonable companies. This seems like an usual opinion to have at this moment in time, considering the cross-play argument between the two companies is at it's worst. Microsoft has been reaching out tentative hands to pull cross-play away from the snarling, distrusting maw of Sony. Every time we think Microsoft might get their wish, the creators of PlayStation chomp their razor sharp fangs down in refusal. Even still, I think we might be reaching a fever break.  


Recently, Sony has finally loosened their hold on some Destiny content that was exclusive to PlayStation consoles. It was through a deal with Activision that Sony kept their exclusive PlayStation content exactly that - exclusive. The wording of the agreement allowed Sony to keep their stuff for at least a year after release. It took until September 2017 for some The Taken King and Rise of Iron released on Xbox systems. Sure, Sony held on quite a bit longer to the content than fans might have liked, but they did finally give in.

As much as many might see this as the companies continuing to disagree with each other, I see it as an olive branch. Sony is letting go, which means a full gaming experience was brought to a new audience. While it might have taken a while, remember that Sony and Microsoft both have fully exclusive games. There are some titles that only release on one or the other. With big titles like Destiny, it makes sense that they might have some content exclusive to either PlayStation or Xbox consoles. Neither Sony nor Microsoft needs to make this content available to their competitor; it was a special treat for those playing on those systems. And yet, the exclusivity grip has been released on these items, maps, and quests. It's a small step in the right direction.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

Everyone who loves PlayStation systems will continue to adore their platform of choice even if Sony cooperates with Microsoft. The same is true for the Xbox. Diehard Xbox fans aren't going to stop buying the system just because Microsoft is getting along with Sony. The competition between the two companies was necessary in their infancy and into their “adulthood.” But at this point in time, there's no reason for them to be at odds. The two consoles are extremely well established and their fan bases are absolutely not going anywhere. The benefits of the companies getting along vastly outweigh any negatives.

Could you imagine a future where no title is exclusive to any one console? Where we could see PlayStation titles on Xbox systems and vice versa? Sure there might be special content exclusive to one or the other, but that's always to be expected. Or maybe a game releases “exclusively” on PlayStation systems for a year or so, but then eventually sees Xbox game time too. This would be fantastic for all gamers. I don't know about you, but I can't buy both a Microsoft and a Sony console. It generally comes down to having to make a decision between the two of them, which I hate. There are many reasons why I love PlayStations, and there are equal reasons why I love the Xbox system. If their parents could get along, my gaming life would be much happier. So would everyone else's.

What do you think? Would you like to see Sony and Microsoft settle their differences and become happily co-existing leaders in the industry? Or would you rather the two continue their fight to the death for total gaming dominance? I'd love to hear in the comments!

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 10/06/2017

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