Are Xbox One X Failure Rates Scary?
Xbox One X

Whenever a new system launches, there is always a haze of uncertainty over the whole thing. People wonder if it is worth it. They worry about potential problems. There’s excitement swirling around. The air is thick with tension, basically. And nothing amps that up more than the concern that there could be something seriously wrong with a product that could hold it back. We are in the midst of this fog right now with the Xbox One X.

See, a few people are reporting issues with their Xbox One X. To be specific, there are reports coming in that the console is dying shortly after being unboxed and taken for test drives. People set everything up and play for a bit. They turn it off then, after they return, find it can not turn back on again. It is completely dead. Visit any major hub online, like Reddit or ResetEra, and you’ll see similar reports. It’s a scary thing, when a system is so old. But, it is also important to know this is nothing to worry about.


All hardware has a degree of failure rates. Especially when the first run is released. A number of systems either aren’t going to work or aren’t going to work right. This means the people with Xbox One X problems right now aren’t lying. They aren’t trying to cause trouble and bad press. They just happen to be some of the unlucky ones.

What is important to note is how things handle in the first few days. As we can see from this Xbox One X issue, it is not widespread. If you check Reddit, ResetEra, or similar forums, you won’t see topics with thousands of replies. This means the issue is a relatively small number, considering how many hundreds of thousands of Xbox One X systems Microsoft probably had ready for launch. If this was a bigger deal, we would be seeing almost everyone who bought a system complaining. And, since these are all launch units, people could easily call Microsoft for a free fix or do a return.

Xbox One X

Besides, it isn’t like this is the first console to have some defective launch units. Lots of them have had problems at launch. When the PlayStation 4 launched, some people had a failed output signal error caused by a faulty HDMI jack. A few early Xbox Ones had problems with the optical drives or with the Kinect not recognizing any voice commands. The PlayStation 4 Pro had TV connection failures not long after it released. Some Nintendo Switch launch units had problems with the Joy-Cons, keeping them from reading properly. All of these were minor, relatively isolated incidents that were addressed by companies and repaired.

It is scary when we hear about brand new systems not working! People who pay that kind of money for something new have a right to be mad, too. It is something you don’t expect. But, it is important to note that these Xbox One X issues are not uncommon. They are not something to be concerned about. Every piece of tech has certain failure rates, especially at launch, and people should be patient, allow Microsoft to step up to set things right, and only express concern if at least a quarter of the people who own an Xbox One X start seeing them break down.

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Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 11/15/2017

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