Does the Xbox One X Replace PCs?
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The Xbox One X released on November 7, 2017 as the currently most powerful console in the gaming universe. It's one-upped it's PlayStation 4 Pro competitor and is enjoying the grace of being the big guns in the house. Many are lauding the Xbox One X as the best option for any serious gamer, and some are even questioning jumping ship from the previous champion. It's no secret that PCs will always have the ability to display the best graphics, the best frame rates, and offer supreme all around playability. You can even play with a controller in most games, if you so choose, over a keyboard and mouse. Yet, some gamers are saying they might replace their gaming PC with an Xbox One X.

My knee-jerk reaction is to respond negatively. Why in the world would you trade something so powerful for something that never will be? With a PC, you can upgrade the single parts that become outdated. Better graphics cards out there now? Go buy a new one. Need more RAM to play a newer game? Snag an additional RAM stick or buy a brand new one outright. Want more space to store all your game files? Just pop in an extra hard drive or swap out the one you have currently. PCs are modular, thus upgradable, which is what makes them the best option for gamers. With consoles, you buy the thing, enjoy it for whatever lifespan it has, and then you have to go out and buy something brand new when that releases.


While the Xbox One X right now is the best option for gamers as far as the combination of quality and price, it won't be going into the future. The graphics and performance you can get with the Xbox One X right for it's $500 price point is much better than you would get with a $500 PC, generally speaking. Thus, at this moment in time, it does make at some sense that gamers might want to buy the console over building/buying a PC. Current PC gamers shouldn't have any reason to jump ship, though. Why spend $500 on the fleeting console when they could upgrade their rig and carry it with them into the future?

This is the part that doesn't make any sense to me. I can understand gamers who haven't upgraded in a while. Maybe they're still using their Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 2. Maybe they switched to Nintendo for a while and have a Switch. Now they're looking at getting the best quality gaming experience again as far as graphics, frame rate, and playability. It only makes sense that they would go for the Xbox One X. It truly is the best option in the console world right now, as far as quality and price paid for it. But PC gamers shouldn't be tempted. They have the high ground here and should retain it.

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The only way consoles will ever reach the same standard that PCs are held to is if they become modular and upgradable as well. At that point however, they'd lose what makes them unique. It's a delicate balance for companies to walk between being relevant, being affordable, and being powerful. Microsoft is the current winner as far as combining all three. PCs will always be miles ahead in the relevant and powerful spheres, but it's really admirable what the Xbox One X has accomplished. The advent of the most powerful console will clearly drive it's competitors to up their game as well. PCs of course will continue ahead in their own world, upgrading and advancing as they are wont to do.

The Xbox One X as a PC argument is a bit of a divided one. As I've already said, if you're going into the console sphere from a much less upgraded position, then go for it! The Xbox One X combines power at a price that can't be beat compared to PCs. If you've got a great gaming rig already though, why step down? Just plug an Xbox One controller into your PC and game away!

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 11/17/2017

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