Where Are Our Sexy Video Game Calendars?

Most people use a virtual calendar of some sort. Almost every digital device has some way to keep track of birthdays and major events, even those that aren't “smart” or connected to the internet. Obviously those that are tend to be more useful, because you can link them across different devices and access your important events from pretty much anywhere. But sometimes, physical remnants of a by-gone past find their way into daily life. For the lowly calendar, it's usually in the form of a giveaway or a charity.

We're all familiar with the concept of the sexy calendar, I mean pretty much everyone has done it at some point now. They ran and continue to run the gamut between sexy ladies with cars, medal-winning male swim teams, female models, and even bearded and mustached men as mermaids. Hell, I even found a New York City cabbies calendar as I was researching this. It goes without saying that if you think of a gimmick, you can most likely sell it as a sexy calendar. The people who purchase them get something hot or funny that will light up their life every month, whether or not they write a thing on it.  


The “everyone seems to have done it” nature of the sexy calendar makes me wonder why it hasn't been done with video games. Sure there has been the Men of Game Development calendars (which are awesome), and that's a step in the right direction, but why hasn't anyone taken it any further? I'm not talking about sexy cosplay calendars, because those have definitely been done before and often they're fantastically well executed. I'm talking about sexy calendars made by the people who make video games that contain the characters we know and love. Who hasn't wanted to see what an Overwatch artist would do, given the opportunity to draw their characters in a sexy light?

The same can be said too of any developer, AAA or indie. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator would be a perfect contender for a sexy game calendar. Or imagine all of those The Witcher cosplay calendar situations made real by CD Projekt Red? Game companies have a much better chance of getting their calendars out there to fans, so the money raised for charity would be even higher than that accomplished by other such efforts. Frankly, it's a win-win-win situation. The video game companies get some good-will credit for doing something the fans want and benefiting charity. The charities win because they get large donations from something they only had to attach their name to. The artists benefit by creating art that they wouldn't otherwise get the chance to, outside of personal work. And the fans win too, because we get awesome art that we've dreamed of from the creators we love.


I've known a few artists in the video game industry, and all of them thrive on being able to do something different than what they normally do for work. Giving them the option to flex their creative muscles with the characters they see on a day to day basis would just give them a needed boost for their regular work. Sexy video game calendars could also lead to more creative characters, costumes, and weapons in the games we love as well.

I'm not seeing many downsides to the possibility of sexy video game calendars. It's really not often that you discover something that has tons of benefits and no negatives. Are you with me? Should we start petitioning Bethesda for a sexy calendar? It could include the Nuka Cola pin-up girl from Fallout, Lydia from Skyrim, Flynn Taggart from DOOM, and maybe even a sexy super mutant from Fallout for good measure. The choices are endless no matter who we ask. Get your voices heard, and maybe developers and publishers will give us what we want.

Image Credit: Anon Craft

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 12/04/2017

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