Can Porn Save the VR Industry?
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We all know that money is driving factor for practically everything in life. And before “money” as we know it today, there were other ways to show wealth. If you had the most horses in the entire village, or cows, or sheep, then you were the richest. We've always tried to revolutionize and make things the most efficient that we possibly can in order to make the most cash. This is especially true in the technology industry. Sure, there are those that want to create in order to make the world a better place. There are those who run purely on the idea that the world needs to keep learning and growing. The money is a nice bonus of course, and hopefully they use it to continue their work, or help others.

This same concept of growing in order to pull in more cash has happened over and over in the the industries. There was the argument between cylinders and discs way back when for music and audio recordings. People argued over whether or not silent films would be the norm or not when “talkies” (films with sound) were invented. And still more recently was the battle between the now lowly VHS and Betamax tapes. As the world well knows, the VHS won that battle, but how many fully understand the reasons why?


Betamax tapes had better sound and video quality. So why did the VHS win? It can be boiled down to the very simple argument of money. While VHS had poorer quality, you could record longer on it. The tapes were also cheaper, as well as the device required to play them (the VHS). These reasons are all well and good, but there's another. The creators of the Betamax tape, Sony, did not want their product used for more “adult reasons.” That's right, the Betamax was not sold to pornography creators, whereas the VHS was. This is widely touted as the reason why the VHS won out, because the porn and “home movie” (nudge, wink) industries used it. Thus the Betamax fell by the wayside and was mostly forgotten.

This same porn-fueled innovation mindset remains in plenty of industries today. A major one at the moment in the virtual reality industry. Think of all the VR tech creators that are out there at the moment. There's Oculus, HTC, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, NextVR, AMD, Nvidia, and many more even smaller names. All of these companies either have products out in the wild, or very soon will. But if there's one thing that will drive them above all the rest, that's going to be adult films/videos and games.  


Think of it exactly like the Betamax and VHS battle of innovation. Whomsoever manages to make VR porn the best quality, most immersive, and cheapest will probably seize the day when it comes to virtual reality as a whole. VHS was used incredibly often for porn, but it also ended up in every single home as the most used media consumption device at the time. This will be true for VR companies as well. We all want our VR games to be fantastic quality both in graphics and sound, we want it to be affordable, and we want it to take us into a world that's not our own. This is true for porn consumers too. It's gotta be free/cheap, it has to let us live out our fantasies vicariously through others, and we'd love it to be super high quality.

There's really no indicator as to which VR company will manage to wrangle all those “must-haves” into a great porn package at this moment in time. But as the technology advances more and more, I'm sure we'll see a few names rise above the others. Then at that point, just like the VHS, one will win out above the rest.

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 12/08/2017

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