A Fortnite in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush

Technology has its ups and downs, right? For instance, texting, social media have both allowed us to connect to each other in an instant. But with that level of access we have to each other sometimes comes unrealistic expectations, like everyone assuming everyone else is always paying attention to their phones. It doesn’t help that many platforms now have read receipts, the worst invention in all of communication. This can of course make “me time” complicated, such as when you’re trying to relax with a movie, a book, or a game. Particularly online games, which don’t have the all-important pause function. So what do you do when you’re playing online and your phone starts buzzing? Well, Fortnite players seem to have gotten pretty creative, and it’s led to some hilarious Tweets.

By Fortnite, I of course mean Fortnite: Battle Royale, the free add-on to the core game that has seen almost as much success in the battle royale space as PUBG has, albeit carving out its own niche being a free game. It even seems like the Fortnite audience skews a bit younger, being free and all definitely lowers the barrier of entry for kids in, say, high school who would be drawn to this sort of game. The thirty bucks for PUBG can be steep for many out there.


Anyway, this whole conversation starts on Twitter, when a girl posted that “romance isn’t dead” with a screenshot of a text, presumably from her significant other, said “I’m hiding in a bush to text you back” and “In fortnite.” This dude was in the middle of a Fortnite: Battle Royale round, something you can’t generally afford to look away from, if you want to survive to see the end. His dedication however, led him to seek cover in a bush, so he could bravely respond to his ladyfriend as soon as possible.

From there, the Tweet exploded, going viral and spawning dozens of replies, all showing something similar. Turns out, it’s a common, unspoken practice within the Fortnite community to fling oneself into nearby foliage in an attempt to hide long enough to respond to important texts. Some even took it further, claiming to use their precious metals to build little forts around themselves in order to safely text back. Tons of replies not only showed this was happening all the time, but upon admitting the effort even seemed appreciated by the recipients.


Of course, not all Fortnite-ridden relationships go smoothly. One viral Tweet shows a group of high school girls with a hand-written petition for Epic Games to end Fortnite, presumably so that their partners could then free themselves of their free to play addiction and go back to responding to messages in a timely manner.

I’m probably making it sound more serious than it actually is, but the takeaway here is that, how cool is it that a game’s community can develop a collective sense of humor like this, that even includes people on the fringe such as boy/girlfriends? Ah, the power of video games, romance, and yes, shrubbery.

Lucas White
Lucas White

Writing Team Lead
Date: 03/05/2018

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