Should Adults-Only Games Have Mature Settings?

Any great game usually includes some kind of customization options for players. For PC gamers, it's great when you can re-bind your keyboard to settings more comfortable for your playstyle. Being able to choose what sort of gear your character is showing to the world in a multiplayer game is fun. And sometimes, you have to change that color scheme to help deal with your color blindness. Whatever options you're changing in your games, there's one that simply doesn't exist yet. Let's call it “the money shot slider.”

Some games have the option to turn of blood and/or gore for those who just had dinner and don't want to spoil it. It stands to reason that there should be some sort of similar option for those who may or may not want some more adult features in their games. For those that want some all out, sexy madness, they could leave the money shot slider completely active. Those that just want a little taste could turn it down a bit. Those that are looking for more of a fade to black, can slide that slider right on down. This sort of system would probably be best integrated with presets like above, but the possibilities would be endless.


I imagine this money shot slider as a more advanced version of a simple “censored” on or off menu choice. That sort of thing is already available in some cases and functions perfectly fine. But why shouldn't we have more options with our adult games? More is more, right? Let the developers create whatever they'd like, free from any concerns of scaring off players by being too hardcore. Let the softcore and hardcore fans both enjoy a title!

At the very least, imagine you've played an adult game that you really enjoyed (totally for the story, of course), and you want to share it with a friend. Say this friend is a bit more prudish than you, and you know they'll just turn the game down at first sight. But then you tell them about the money shot slider! “No, it's not body fluids and insanity everywhere, you can turn all that off if you want!” They might be more inclined to enjoy the game like you did.

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Better still, say you're just starting to dip your toes into the waters of adult games, and you don't want to be overwhelmed. With a slider that provides options, you could start out on the vanilla end and work up towards kinky. This way, you can check out that hot new game that all your friends aren't talking about without overwhelming yourself. Just like the difficulty options in practically every other video game, you could decide how crazy you want to get, and build up to that nightmare (or would it be fantasy?) mode.

Certain violent, bloody, gory, or scary video games have options that allow different types of people to enjoy them, so adult games should too. The censored or uncensored options for these types of games are great, it's giving players the power to choose how they want to play. It would be even better with more options though. So if you just want to see the game characters seductively taking each other's clothes off, but don't want to see a bunch of flailing limbs, you could make that choice. On the other hand, those who want to let their freak flag fly should be able to make that decision themselves as well. Where would your games fall on the money shot slider?

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 04/20/2018

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