How Destiny 2 Became a Total Cluster F#%K
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a game that is still finding its footing in many ways. There are some balancing problems, people have some issues with the storytelling, and in some ways it feels like all the progress Bungie made with Destiny was reset when the sequel came along. You would think the expansions would be an opportunity to rectify the situation and get the game on the right path. But with Warmind, the latest $19.99 add-on, things somehow get worse.

Both Curse of Osiris and Warmind are Destiny 2 expansions that took existing missions already present in the game’s campaign and turned them into Strikes. But in Warmind, things have taken a downward turn. There are two Strikes in the Xbox One and PC versions and three in the PlayStation 4, due to it getting a timed-exclusive one. The third PlayStation 4 strike is called The Insight Terminus, is the only new one. It takes people to Nessus to face the Cabal in a Vex tomb in an original cooperative crawl. Strange Terrain and Will of the Thousands are both recycled.


This means Bungie took something people already had access to in the campaign. They adjusted some parameters, then sold it back to players. Warmind is a second run through something you already paid to do. Considering Curse of Osiris did some other tweaking to make things feel a little different, things that were not done here, people may feel ripped off. Especially with The Insight Terminus not coming to other platforms until at least Fall 2018. How can people justify that?

The other issue with Destiny 2’s Warmind has to do with its story. Like Curse of Osiris, it attempts to offer a bit more framework and lore. Except Warmind does a terrible job of handling information about the characters people face. To avoid spoilers, I am going to compare it to Final Fantasy VIII. That game is so old, spoiler warnings have expired. In that game, players spend much of the game facing a sorceress called Edea. She, and the Galbadian military, are painted as the bad guys. That is, until the fourth disc, when we find out Ultimecia is the true final boss. We learn nothing about this other woman during the game. There is just this surprise reveal at the very end that our real opponent is a chick with an odd accent.

Destiny 2

Warmind does that. But to make things even worse, the only chance you have at getting any background is from a vendor. After a story segment in this expansion, Ana will give you a head’s up. Even this is quite brief and does not offer substantial information as to the identity of the final boss and the importance behind this character. This should have been a major moment, especially considering the threats faced in Warmind. Instead, it feels like an afterthought. “Oh, by the way, here’s your real opponent.”

Destiny 2 players deserve more. They deserve expansions that are full of entirely original content, regardless of how much money they are paying for them. They deserve storylines that do not just toss a character concept at them. They deserve to not be taunted with recycled content when they are hoping for reasons to get and stay invested. Bungie needs to put more effort into making things right for the players that support them.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 05/11/2018

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