Will Adult Games Become More Immersive?
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As far as I'm concerned, one of the main goals video game developers should aim for is immersion. Whether their game is a simple platformer with basic graphics or an open-world, play-as-you-want, massive RPG, the point is to be drawn in. If you're playing a game, then suddenly four hours have gone and you realize you haven't eaten more than once that day, success has been reached. It's possible for any game and any manner of gameplay to be immersive, including moments more scandalous. Is there anything developers could be doing to make more adult games and sequences more immersive?

Let me just whip out my idea. What if more mature games had peripherals to allow for a more intimate immersive experience? I'll leave it up to your imagination as to what kind of “peripherals” we're talking about, but I imagine most have caught my drift. Video games have already taken steps to be more physically immersive, like the rumble feature in controllers. Virtual reality games are almost entirely focused on allowing players to fully experience the virtual worlds around them. With the HTC Vive, you can kneel on the floor or lie down for a different view, if you'd like. There are also walking platforms you can adventure with and weapons you can hold. So who's to say there can't and won't be peripherals of an immersive sexual nature as well?


Like anything technology related, some of these hypothetical peripherals are bound to be flops. There will be some that don't push the right buttons. A few of the earliest VR walking platforms were too expensive, required special shoes, or took up too much space. Mature game peripherals may be too expensive, require special steps to set-up, and where in the world would you store those types of things? You don't want your friends coming over and accidentally finding your favorite “controller,” right? There will be a few missteps along the path to true gratifying immersion.

If we can manage to plow through the initial developmental phase, there could be more in the future. Much like we advanced from simple games like Pong and Asteroids, we may find a way to grow from simple devices all the way to life-like companions to “adventure” with. But don't get ahead of yourself. When considering the potential for greater immersion in mature games via peripherals, I think it's important to remember that the first times will probably let you down. They will need continued support to allow this sort of thing to thrive.


Once adult peripherals manage to find their slot in the video game industry, it will greatly benefit those looking for new experiences. Why not be able to fully immerse yourself in your game? VR is already taking a great step in that direction, so it only makes sense that someone finally take it all the way. Here's hoping that future is as slick as we currently can only imagine it to be.

Would you have any interest in full immersion adult or mature games/scenes? Or is the thought just too weird for you? Get to creating those throwaway accounts, so you can comment below!

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 07/09/2018

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