The Shocking Way Roblox Isn’t Safe for Kids

I often find myself writing about things here at Cheat Code Central that many might deem unsafe for work. As much of a pervert as that might make me seem, even I know my limits, friends. It came to my attention that some other Internet degenerates have taken it way too far. A Minecraft style social network game, called Roblox, has been flooded with all kinds of adult content. Normally I'd say, “Hell yeah!” There's one problem: Roblox is a children's game. It's even rated for kids as young as seven years old (in the UK and Europe).

This pervy dark side of Roblox famously came to light when a mother realized her seven-year-old daughter was being exposed to some pretty serious stuff. A number of other Roblox avatars were “gang raping” her daughter's character. She whisked the tablet away from the young girl as quickly as she could, but who knows what kind of damage might have already been done? Subsequent screenshots of the act taken by the mother were shared around the Internet. Not long after this story broke, another even worse one was revealed. Millions of sexual Roblox videos have been posted to YouTube, where anyone of any age can see them.


The creators of Roblox, Roblox Corporation, are doing everything they can to make sure content of this nature is removed from their game. They have made official statements to the public saying that they have a zero tolerance policy for behavior of this kind. They also said there are certain safeguards being initiated to try to make sure content of this kind doesn't find its way into the game again. With millions of inappropriate videos flooding YouTube though, it's fair to be concerned whether or not the company can keep up. It feels like the developer needs to make some major changes to how content is added to the game, and/or hire more content evaluation team members.

While Roblox should absolutely take measures to make sure no one is submitting adult material to a children's game, it shouldn't even have to go that far. This is a game for children as young as seven! While I'm all for adult games and those with more mature content, this is not the proper channel for that kind of thing. I want to say I can't even fathom the fact that I have to say something like this out loud, but I know what the Internet is like. We all do. (Rremember rule 34 and all that.) But even still, come on. Roblox is not some small indie game that no one really plays. It's been around since 2006 and has more than 64 million players around the world. That is a lot of young minds! Don't subject them to your dirty ones.


There are so many other adult games out there, including those that are massively multiplayer. If you want to get down and dirty with Internet strangers, give Linden Labs a copy of your ID and hop into the adults only locations in Second Life. If you feel a need for some nasty pixelated anything, go play a game that's meant to be enjoyed by adults. Do not, and I repeat, do NOT bring that stuff to what's supposed to be a child-friendly platform.

I've argued for more adult games on the Nintendo Switch (a largely family-friendly system), but only for those that are old enough to play it. Ratings are there for a reason, and the one given to Roblox from the ESRB is E for Everyone 10+. It goes without saying that 18+ content has no place there. So to all those who thought it would be funny to tarnish a child's game with adult material, shame! Take your fun to adult oriented spaces.

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 07/06/2018

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