Do Fan Demands Save the Day?

Over the last few days, weeks, and months, there have been substantial and positive changes in the world of gaming. We have seen a smaller fighter, something that would have been niche, become a rockstar. We have seen a sports game get a top quality story mode. An icon is making a comeback. An indie finally found its footing. And you know what? It all happened because of the fans. The people who loved games provided their input, and companies listened. The results are incredible.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was one big deal. Every year, EVO gets lots of people tuning in to its professional fighting game matches. Usually, you expect games like Tekken, Street Fighter, Injustice, and Smash Bros. to get top billings. But this year, a niche, anime fighter came from behind. Dragon Ball FighterZ took the internet by storm. It had 258,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch during EVO 2018. More people were watching it than even Fortnite. More people showed up to play it at EVO (2,530) than Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (2,421). It was the most watched Twitch game in EVO history. Why? Because fans showed up.


Next, there’s Madden 19. As you can read in our review, the Longshot story mode hsa changed in this installment. Some fans of the series did not take to the Telltale Games sort of storytelling present in Madden 18, where Devin Wade and Colton Cruise’s story began. They wanted more football and fewer decisions. The sequel’s continuation fixes that. It puts games front and center. Sure, sometimes the difficulty can be a bit demanding, but it is still giving people what they wanted. That is hopefully a good thing.

What about Devil May Cry? Fans have been begging for a new entry in the series for years. Hell, they were pleading for a return to form both before and after DmC: Devil May Cry, the reimagining from Ninja Theory, was released. Finally, Capcom listened. After so many years, it revealed Devil May Cry 5, which brings back original Dante, at E3 2018. People saw a character they loved. They wanted a chance to see him again, They needed that sort of gameplay and acted appropriately. Capcom listened.


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Then, we have No Man’s Sky. This game was a mess at launch. Hello Games over-promised and did not deliver. People were left wanting more. So, those who believed in the game said what they wanted. They asked for the ability to create bases. They wanted multiplayer. They made their desires known. What happened? Hello Games listened. Now, in 2018, it is available on all major platforms. It has received an update that adds true multiplayer. People can have bases. It has come closer to being what people wanted, and it is because fans were patient and the developer listened.

There are four separate success stories. Each of them share a common thread. In every situation, fans did not give up. They asked developers, hopefully reasonably and respectfully, for different things. They showed their passion and dedication for series. All four games flourished and have seen positive changes and success as a result. It really goes to show the power the people hold.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 08/15/2018

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