Can a Woman's Perspective Really Save Super Seducer 2?
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Super Seducer is that series that keeps showing up in the news, and you probably can’t understand why. It has a positive reception on Steam, sure. It handles mature themes like dating and sex, yes. But basically, it’s a over-the-top and offensive-to-some piece of software that is allegedly supposed to help people date. Fine. Cool. One of the reasons it recently got attention is because this time, women are so involved with the development process. They’re everywhere in Super Seducer 2, and I’m not just saying that because there are more scenarios, and thus more female actors appearing in it. RLR Training went out of its way to show the women behind and in front of the camera working on it.

Which is fine! I imagine it is good news for some. It is great that there is that kind of inclusion and positivity. Especially since the first Super Seducer did ignore the female take on dating. It is great to see RLR Training highlighting the efforts women are putting into the game in Super Seducer 2. Perhaps it will offer a sense of openness and perspective that the original did not include. And by having it there, it does acknowledge that there may be some woman out there who would like a game that helps them out with social interaction and possibly even dating.


But, even though this element is great, it also makes me wonder if this push to promote the inclusion element is the next attempt to try and make the Super Seducer series relevant. As we mentioned before, it does not seem like there is a need for Super Seducer 2. The first game’s gimmick was that it was supposed to be an educational tool that was just so controversial. It’s so daring, it didn’t make it to the PlayStation 4! Except then it released, and everyone saw it was sort of tepid. Some people liked it and it did find an audience, but others saw that it was more hype than actual content. If anything, the only real controversy came when Richard La Ruina, the game’s creator, went and filed a DMCA claim against IAmPattyJack, a YouTuber he disagreed with.

While it could end up being helpful, I wonder if pushing the female perspective is partially a cry for attention. Look! We are inclusive this time around! I mean, the scenarios this time around clearly show some sort of desperation. We have the incredibly unlikely and ridiculous seducing a stripper and choosing between a supermodel or incredibly rich woman scenario. We have the attempts to cause controversy by having a situation where an Arabic older man tries to get a younger woman and where a Chinese man born in the UK tries to seduce a white woman. In a series now known for cheap tricks, can we trust its attempts to be genuine? 


Though, there is something to be said for the actual gameplay people see in Super Seducer and Super Seducer 2. It really does come across as more of a how-to than an actual FMV game. It’s goofy, over-the-top and unlikely a lot of the times. You also definitely see some segments that are made to be salacious or possibly offensive, for the sake of getting attention. But, you have to remember that all these segments are broken up with interjections from Richard La Ruina and Charlotte Jones, commenting on the decisions you have made. Even if this is about getting more attention in the moment for attempting something daring, in the end it all comes down to this mainly being basically a bit of self-help software with occasionally creepy, sometimes offensive, and often goofy elements.

I’m going to be honest. Super Seducer and Super Seducer 2 are not the kinds of games for me for many reasons. Adding a female perspective, a female coach, and showing off the other women behind it aren’t going to make me suddenly want to play it. Rather, it is going to make me more skeptical. But, that’s just my take. In general, offering up more options is a good thing! Including people is a positive. Maybe this will help make a difference for some. But, I don’t think it is a move that is going to change the minds of its critics or do as much to bring in people who weren’t interested before.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 08/22/2018

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