The End of Breaking Bad Is Only the Beginning for Gamers

Breaking Bad ended its run after five seasons last night, and it's left a gaping whole in a lot of viewers' hearts. A series they've been devoted to for years is gone, and now one has to wonder what they'll do every Sunday night. There are reruns, sure, but that may poke too deeply into an already raw wound.

No, the best way to get over the loss of something you loved is to go ahead and find something new to cherish. Since we're all gamers here, why not go ahead and make that something new a video game? Granted, there's nothing really like Breaking Bad in the game world yet. It's not like there's a Heisenberg simulation. Yes, AMC has a browser-based, choose-your-own-adventure game called Breaking Bad: The Cost of Doing Business, but that doesn't count. Even though it's pretty good quality for a free, online tie-in, it's only going to remind you of how much you miss watching Jesse every week. You've got to get into something new. Fortunately, although a lot of games don't offer the same experiences, they might feel the same.

Games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Sleeping Dogs would be a good place to start. Both are basically open-world crime dramas. Granted, in the latter you're on the side of the law, but still. Each of these games places the player into dangerous situations with crazy people, and the only way you're going to survive is if you play smart. You've got to have confidence in yourself and your actions. If you're skilled, you'll come away with either a ton of money or everything needed to make a big bust.


Not to mention, there's GTA Online tomorrow. That, combined with GTA V fitting the whole Breaking Bad tone, is enough to make you forget all about Walter, Jesse, Todd, and Skyler. You're going to be busy with your own crew and enemies once that takes off. Hell, you could get so absorbed in the online multiplayer you'll forget what day it even is. Breaking Bad? What's that? I've got to go drive some ATVs with my homies and chase down an opposing crew!

While those open-world adventures will provide another outlet for controlled chaos, some people are Breaking Bad devotees because they enjoy rooting for the antihero. Sometimes, it's fun to see the bad guy win, especially if his adventure is well written. Fortunately, video games are filled with antiheroes. You can help Kratos overthrow the gods in God of War: Ascension. Agent 47 could use your help with some assassinations in Hitman: Absolution. Though, the forthcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 could prove to be the most exciting and fulfilling replacement, as it provides players the chance to play as another dark and iconic character--Dracula.


There are more than enough options out there for Breaking Bad fans who need something new in their lives, but I want to wrap up these recommendations with one last game--Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut. The ultimate edition of Jasper Byrne's game is now on the PS3 and Vita and, while its storyline is in no way similar to AMC's classic, I believe its gritty atmosphere and exploration of morality could satisfy fans. Every action affects the ending, and after seeing how Walter's decisions shaped Breaking Bad, I imagine a lot of people would enjoy seeing how their virtual decisions shape the story of a lone survivor.

Weep not for the loss of Breaking Bad. Think of it as empowering you. It gave you five years of solid entertainment. Now that you've said your goodbyes, you can segue into another dramatic adventure with new antiheroes to encourage and new perils to face.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 09/30/2013

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