The Vita is Keeping JRPGs Alive
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How many more times do we have to hear a system or genre isn't dead before we all believe it? Well, perhaps one more time would do. Because after all, a lot of naysayers have said certain things about the Vita, and there are also other individuals who have gone on about JRPGs, and I'm positive there's some overlap. Besides, with all the exciting PS4 and Xbox One news that's come out in the last year or so, it'd be easy to overlook the fact that the Vita is becoming this generation's JRPG powerhouse.

Yes, send out the battle cry. The Vita is following in the PSP's footsteps. Sure, it may not move as many units as the 3DS, but that isn't the point now. The fact is, it has stealthily become the "go to" system for RPGs. A cursory glance at websites like GameFaqs and GameStop confirms it. Check the lineup and you'll see it populated with lists of various RPGs that are waiting to keep players enthralled.


Especially since it's making for a resurrgence in classic JRPGs. The Atelier series, the Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster, Persona 4 Golden, and Ys: Memories of Celceta are all representing. That isn't even considering Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, Demon Gaze, Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth 1, and Mind Zero, which will further fill the ranks in the next few months. All of these games are converging on one system to make it a home for people who still lovingly cherish the 30 and 40 hours they spent on a single SNES or PlayStation game.

Though, those JRPGs similar to the classics aren't the only ones appearing on our systems. We're getting all kinds of great RPGs from Japan on the Vita. Sure, many of them are Monster Hunter clones like Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden, and the forthcoming Freedom Wars and Oreshika. There's Sorcery Saga: The Curse of the Great Curry God, Disgaea 3 and 4 ports, and New Little King's Story as well. They're very much JRPGs as well, and giving people even more of a reason to buy a Vita.


It's even lead to JRPG-like games flocking to the handheld. How else can you explain the existence of the Dragon Fantasy series on the Vita, as well as the promise of Citizens of Earth, Cosmic Star Heroine, and Rainbow Skies for the system? The developers know that this system is the one people are going to go to for their RPG fix, and want to be ready for them.

So yes, the Vita is always going to be second to the 3DS. And sure, the JRPG genre is most definitely a niche taste. That doesn't mean either are fading into obscurity and failing. No, instead the two are joining forces so the Vita can secure a place for itself in the hearts of anyone who doesn't cringe at the thought of level grinding, gets excited thinking about completing every sidequest, and rejoices at the thought of collecting ultimate equipment. This system's for us. 

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 04/15/2014

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