I'm Obsessed with Conception II's Star Children
Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

I'm a little obsessed. Which shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone. When I find a game, show, or book I enjoy, there's always a brief period of time where I'm absolutely fanatical about some aspect of it (it's a common thing now, don'tcha know?) But, my current fascination is extraordinarily weird, because I'm obsessed with Star Children.

Star Children are, if you don't know, the stars of Atlus' Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. See that, right there? They're referenced right in the title. Anything you've heard about the hero, known as the God's Gift because he's got crazy Ether levels and the ability to mack on any girl, being the star is wrong. Same can be said about the seven girls players can "classmate" with to make said Star Children. They're nothing compared to the kids themselves.

See, Star Children are made when the God's Gift and one of the seven Elite Disciple classmates exchange energy at the town's church. That energy is funneled by the girl into a matryoshka and, after a few minutes where a player decides on a name and class, a Star Child is born. Each one looks like they're about 5 years old, they're born knowing how to fight, talk, and such, and even pop out of their nesting doll fully equipped. (What service!) Each one is also absolutely adorable. It's no wonder I'm infatuated!


I love how cute they are. Each class has a different outfit and general look, and seems to have a different personality when they spout off little quips while roaming through a dungeon. Their mother also influences their hair color, which naturally means I had to romance Torri. She's the one with monochromatic hair. As a result, all of her offspring has this sort of gradiated hair that goes from black to white. They're incredible. I mean sure, I was getting some "stronger" Star Children from Fuuko and Narika, back before Torri was available, but those children weren't nearly as fashionable. ...Even though the only difference between Fuuko, Narika, and Torri's children is hair color (fixations don't have to make sense!)

I also kinda love how utterly disposable Star Children are, which is probably a horrible thing to say. Because I'm pretty much saying I love having my God's Gift, named Tyrion by the way, father these strange, magical creatures with his classmates, spend hours raising their levels in dungeons, then sending them off to fend for themselves. But, I do! I like seeing how each class ends up improving the city. I enjoy receiving the free gifts from them for all the effort put into raising them. And honestly? I kind of like starting over fresh with an even better Star Child (I may or may not even explain to soon-to-be released kids that I'm ditching them cause their younger brother or sister is better.)

Though, there is something to be said about the special Star Children. I like to call them my star Star Children (because that's not confusing.) Sometimes when Classmating, you'll get a kid that's just better than the regular ones churned out. Their maximum level is 99 and they'll usually have access to one of the better classes. These kids are in it for the long haul, and it's kind of nice to have these little paragons of awesome in my party. Maybe it's because it looks like a permanent, star-shaped spotlight is shining on them in dungeons. Perhaps it's because they make whatever team they're on better. I don't know, I just know I love them.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

My only regret is that I'm playing Conception II on my 3DS. Which is probably, actually a good thing. I tend to go screenshot crazy over games that amuse me, and Conception II is currently my prime source of amusement. All of my friends and family are spared a constant stream of Star Children screen caps. (Maybe they should be thanking me?) Still, it's a minor regret and the fact that my 3DS is my constant companion, always tucked away inside my purse, does mean more game time. So it's a win for everyone.

So yes, Conception II is a definite win in my book and if you like crafting a team of adorably deadly, monster assassins, you need to pick it up. Because Star Children will deliver the cutest beatdowns you'll ever see, and it'll probably be the most fun you've had building a team of fighters since Pokémon.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 04/16/2014

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