What Will The New Call of Duty Be Like?
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Activision has been promising that this year’s new Call of Duty will be like nothing you have ever seen before. However, they haven’t been very forthcoming with details. That being said, IGn has managed to capture the first ever real image from the new Call of Duty production. The image is really nothing more than a picture of a soldiers face, however, you would be forgiven for not thinking that this was in-game graphics. The detail on the picture is so high you can see pores on the soldier’s face and individual hairs on his lip. It looks just like a real photograph.


But that’s not a lot of info for the so called “best Call of Duty game ever created” (Activision’s words, not ours) so let’s speculate for a bit shall we? Call of Duty: Ghosts unfortunately did not strike a chord with the Call of Duty fanbase. Many Call of Duty fans criticized its maps as uninteresting and it’s gameplay as unbalanced. Riley, the Call of Duty dog, went from a hilarious next-gen icon to a subject of grief and despair. Sledgehammer games has said that the competitive scene is very important to them, so likely step 1 will be a complete rebalance of the game’s mechanics.

One of the things that Call of Duty: Ghosts did that people liked was the ability to unlock guns and perks early and often. Instead of slogging through levels to unlock the one gun you want to use, you could simply use squad points to unlock the gun you want. Likely we are going to see something similar happen this time around, although we probably won’t see the whole focus on “squads” again like we did last time. 


Many fans are also wondering how Call of Duty will compete with Titanfall, perhaps it’s chief competitor other than Battlefield. Of course, we probably won’t see giant robots, being that it would completely break with Call of Duty’s military theme, however it’s possible that Sledgehammer would include things such as vehicles or remote controlled drones. Usually we see these relegated to killstreaks in the Call of Duty franchise, but it’s possible that we will see them take a much more front and center role in Call of Duty 2014.

The image that we were shown basically shows nothing more than a soldier in an army helmet, so it’s hard to figure out exactly what this means for the new Call of Duty’s setting. However, it’s worth noting that there appear to be no futuristic alterations to the army gear. At the same time the gear is very solidly stuck in a modern day aesthetic, what with its clip and green chin strap. So we can at least surmise that the next Call of Duty will be set in current day.

But the biggest question is not what info we have, but what info we want. Do you want to see deathstreaks return? Do you want to see the perk system overhauled? Do you want to ride around in a giant robot dog? Let us know in the comments.

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

Former Contributing Writer
Date: 04/24/2014

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