Error Codes are Keeping Me from GBA Virtual Console Games
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We need to have words, Nintendo, because I can't play Golden Sun. I enjoy the series, have the game just sitting, waiting in my eShop download list, but I can't play it. Why? Because you, my dear company, are being difficult.

Well, I suppose technically it's your online storefront that's being difficult. Perhaps the servers, but let's not get into details. The short of it is, I rightfully own Golden Sun and a few other choice GBA games, and you aren't letting me have them. 

I've tried to appease the ghost in the machine. I turned my Wii U off and on again. I disconnected and reconnected my router. I even went so far as to "borrow" my neighbor's internet. I even went to my Vita, connected to the PlayStation Store, and successfully downloaded one of my free PlayStation Plus games to prove it couldn't be something wrong with my internet provider. The problem remains. The Wii U may be claiming that I have an Error Code: 105-3683 issue, but I have a feeling this is all you. 


Which means I've got a beef with you, Nintendo. We've got to have words. You're trying to make the Wii U eShop more appealing and actually tap into that massive back catalog of phenomenal games. I applaud that; It's a good first step. But, do you know what would be even better? Letting people download and play said games!

Especially since this is only happening with a few, select games. I know I'm not the only one. I've harnessed the power of Google to see others are suffering. Their issue may not just be limited to F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, Golden Sun, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and WarioWare, Inc.:Mega Microgames! like me, but others are suffering in this inexplicable eShop error's grip. We all know the pain of watching a game we're dying to play download, perhaps even get to a point where it's successfully and completely downloaded, only to watch that dreaded "Error" appear before an installation can complete. We've stood strong together as we've clicked to see that Error Code: 105-3683 message, or something similar, again and been forced to delete the file due to corrupted data.

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I assure you, it's heartbreaking. Especially when you come back again and again, after trying some additional measure that could and should make a difference, only to get that error again.

But I keep going through it all, because I want to spend a rainy evening indoors, enjoying a game I haven't played since college (I'm old). I could go dig out my GBA and cartridges from the closet and play it on the original console, but I shouldn't have to do that. This isn't my problem, Nintendo. I've tried jumped through the hoops. My other GBA Virtual Console games, Metroid Fusion, Advance Wars, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, and Yoshi's Island, are all working. I grabbed and downloaded all eight of these GBA Virtual Console games at the same time, so if this was somehow my fault, every game should have had the error applied to it. They didn't. Which means I get to point the finger at the eShop and you, Nintendo. This mess falls solely on your error provoking shoulders. Get on it so others won't know my pain.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 04/29/2014

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