That PS4 and Vita Ultimate Gamer Edition Bundle is Brilliant

When it comes to things we will and won't see at E3 2014, there's one thing I know is going to happen. There's no doubt. We're going to hear about a PS4 and Vita bundle. I'm not just saying that because a bundle like this was rumored around the PS4's launch. No, it's more because a bundle of this sort, called the Ultimate Player Edition, has just appeared on Amazon France

Part of my carefree, confident opinion is because Amazon leaks are usually quite accurate. If you see a game or system bundle on there, especially with official-looking artwork, then it's a pretty sure bet that the thing pictured is going to be up for sale in a few months. You can count on it. However, I'm even more confident in this case because the timing is now perfect for an Ultimate Player Edition that includes a PS4 and Vita.


To start, the Vita 2000 just launched. Now that there's not only a brand new console, but a new iteration of the handheld, it only makes sense for Sony to try and sell them together. Especially since the Vita 2000 costs less for Sony to make than the Vita 1000. It's cost effective, and a great way to get their systems into customers hands. 

The various Sony services also make an Ultimate Player Edition a fantastic idea. We already have PlayStation Plus, which is guaranteed to give every subscriber two PS4 and two Vita games every month. Soon, we'll have PlayStation Now, which will bring even more games digitally to the PS3, PS4 and Vita. By offering a bundle like this, Sony could say something like, "For $100 more, you can be guaranteed more games than you can possibly play for both systems for a year!"


Finally, 2014 and 2015 are going to be the PS4 and Vita's years. Even though E3 2014 is a few days away, we already have some idea of how many fantastic games are going to be coming to both the console and handheld. It's going to be an avalanche of gaming goodness. I've gotten an idea of what we'll be seeing and playing, thanks to numerous PR emails, and there's almost too many fantastic games coming to Sony platforms. People are going to want both.

So, if you don't own a PS4 or Vita, hold off. Give it until the beginning of July 2014. By this time next week, you'll probably be saving and chomping at the bit to get a Ultimate Gamers Edition bundle. 

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 06/05/2014

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