Pokémon Wonder Trade Is Overrun with Bunnelbys
Pokemon X & Y

Listen, Pokémon X and Y players. We have to hold a little pow-wow. It's about the Wonder Trade system. You're doing it wrong. I'm offering up pearls to the random players of what is probably the best Pokémon game ever, and you're giving me useless lumps of storage-box fodder.

Simply put, you're sending the dregs of the Pokémon world out into the abyss, and I don't appreciate it. I've been keeping track of the junk you're sending me. I have a whole space in my Pokémon X PC devoted to your cast-offs. My incompetent section thus far includes 15 Bunnelbys, 7 Ledybas, 4 Weedles, 3 Pidgeys, 2 Scatterbugs, 2 Zigzagoons, 2 Pansages, a Panpour, and a Caterpie.


Now, I realize some people aren't at fault. Pokémon X and Y aren't even a week old yet. They may not have progressed far enough to start offering up more diverse Pokémon. Other issues may be at play. But when I get another useless Bunnelby from someone who already has a Trainer PR video, something's wrong. By that point, you're either at or past Lumiose City. You've seen a bit more of the Kalos region.

Would it kill you to send out something good? Like a Spritzee? I'm dying for a Spritzee. It doesn't even have to be holding a Sachet so it will evolve into Aromatisse when I get it.

I'm putting pearls out there, and the lack of good Wonder Trades is starting to leave me frustrated. I'm spending money, money that could go to outfits or Ultra Balls. I camped out at the Pokémon Village last night, capturing Dittos and Zoroarks to send out to random strangers in the hopes it would make their adventuring easier and their days a little better. I've got my Greninja shacked up at the Day Care Center with another Ditto, so I can start doling out little baby Froakies to friends and passersby.

Pokemon X & Y

We need to put a little more thought into our Wonder Trades. I know, Bunnelbys are easy to catch and everywhere. But why not do a little something special for your fellow Pokémon X and Y comrades? Go out of your way to send out something special, something rare once in a while. Make a stranger's day.

Because I've got to tell you, seeing all these Bunnelbys is seriously discouraging. I'm still going to keep sending out quality Pokémon via the Wonder Trade system, because I'm far enough to do so, and I can afford the Ultra Balls. I just hope that this resonates with those of you who haven't given much thought into what you're sending out to your fellow gamers and inspires you to make a difference too.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Site Editor
Date: 10/15/2013

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