The Next Call Of Duty Confirmed (April Fool's)

In an effort to do something different for once, Activision has taken an entirely new direction with their next COD title. Our sources inside the COD machine all say the same thing: Call of Duty is going “Old School.” Yes, for the first time ever, COD is heading deeper into the history books than it ever has, The Civil War.

Finally, instead of the endless stream of modern FPS titles, we are getting a much-needed course correction into something new and fresh. Our sources can’t reveal everything, but we have learned that in addition to standard 1860s warfare, you can expect bayonet fighting, cannons, cavalry charges, and reload minigames for your musket.

The most interesting new feature of this COD is a regional assignment system. For example, if you live in New York, you would be assigned to a regiment in the Union Army. Living in Georgia will land you in the ranks of the Confederates. Neutral states such as Kentucky or Indiana would be able join the side of their choice, but once chosen would be locked in to that army for the duration of play.

This type of innovation is hard to come by these days, and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited. Imagine marching through the field of battle, musket in hand, random cannonball taking out your buddies, and hearing the cavalry rushing up from behind to save the day. Gone will be the days of quick-scoping, grenade-spamming, and all the other annoyances of the modern-day shooter. Those weapons simply will not exist.

It has been confirmed that neither Infinity Ward nor Treyarch will be handling the development of this bold new title in the COD universe. Activision is being pretty tight-lipped about the situation, but they assure us it will be a developer that we “are not expecting” and “has made many highly rated FPS titles.”


Obviously, this is going to be quite a change for Call of Duty fans everywhere, and making the adjustment could be a hurdle that some fans just can’t get over. Rabid followers have grown used to the tried-and-true COD formula, and this divergence from the norm could shrink the massive fan base of the series. However, Activision has high hopesthat this brave move will draw in other demographics they have not had success with previously.

Great job, Activision. I didn’t think you had it in you.



Joshua Bruce
Contributing Writer
Date: April 1, 2013


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