Proof Battlefield 4 Will Be Better Than The Next Call Of Duty

EA’s Battlefield series has made its mark on the FPS genre with set piece-centered scripted events that are seamlessly integrated into gameplay. Battlefield 3 executed this beautifully, and its successor, Battlefield 4, looks to raise the bar to a whole new level. The increased graphical quality coupled with intense gameplay could be a devastating one-two punch to Activision’s collective kidneys.

In the game’s incredible reveal trailer, we are treated to a buffet of ridiculously detailed visuals, a little story, and enough adrenaline-fueled gunplay to make even the biggest Battlefield haters stand up and take notice—yes, even Call of Duty fans.

The Battlefield/Call of Duty standoff has been alive and well for years, and Battlefield has been gaining ground with every release. Whether Call of Duty fanboys want to admit it or not, this incarnation of Battlefield promises to be head-and-shoulders above anything either franchise has produced, and unless Activision manages to put together the most awe-inspiring CoD package to date, EA and DICE may have the chops to unseat the FPS king from its throne.

Battlefield 3 made serious headway toward this goal, and while CoD still reigned supreme in the last cycle, more and more shooter fans migrated to Battlefield’s brand of vehicular warfare, visceral gunfights, and destructible environments. Battlefield 4 promises to deliver on everything that its predecessor accomplished, in addition to a pile of new features and environments that will push the envelope of current generation hardware and usher in the next generation of FPS gaming.

With this release, it would seem that Battlefield has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet, taunting their competition to make an announcement regarding the next Call of Duty release and prove them wrong.

Your move, Activision.


Joshua Bruce
Contributing Writer
Date: April 2, 2013


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