The Fusion Controller Fits into Your Gaming Lifestyle

Controllers are elite pieces of equipment. They have to be able to weather all sorts of conditions. They need to provide unfailing performances. A good gamepad is one that has perfectly responsive buttons in all the right places, as well as analog sticks that suit your needs and durable construction that ensures you can take it anywhere, if need be. This brings us to the Fusion Xbox One controller, a new gamepad from Power A designed to meet every possible need you might  have and ensure the sorts of gaming experiences you’d expect from an professional-level peripheral.

From the outside, the Fusion Xbox One controller looks like any other Xbox One controller. All the buttons are in the right place. The standard model is black, just like the basic gamepad you get with your system. It’s the sort of controller that’s incredibly functional, but also has a rather lovely and conducive form. It’s when you start looking at particular pieces that it begins to stand out.

Now, I like to think of the standard Xbox One Wireless Controller’s analog sticks as little pieces of perfection. I love the way they cradle my thumbs. They’re a perfect contour, but I recognize that not everyone may have that experience. Controllers aren’t a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. Still, the Fusion Xbox One Controller comes pretty close. It has six different sorts of analog sticks of different sizes, with two even having convex surfaces instead of concave. This allows you to have the layout you want and get the most comfortable and intuitive experience possible.

That’s only the beginning of the Fusion Xbox One controller’s customization. With an Xbox One controller, you’re used to having eight traditional action buttons available. You can bump that up to 10, if you include L3 and R3. You work with what’s available, even if you could really use one or two more hotkeys. The Fusion gives you those extra two. There are two additional gaming buttons on the back of the controller, right where the grip meets the base. You can set and arrange these however you’d like, making it easier to enjoy the games you love. I think it’d be especially handy for FPS games, but could make quite a difference for open world adventures like Fallout 4 and Mafia III too.

Of course, those two extra buttons are only one of the Fusion Xbox One controller’s features designed for games where running and gunning is a necessity. This controller has dual trigger locks. This means each one has its own independent trigger locks. When turned on, via a switch on the back of the gamepad near the respective inputs, you can unleash quicker attacks. This means you could have a faster rate of fire than your opponent. Whether that enemy is a real person or an AI, having this kind of edge is absolutely appreciated. Especially after a long gaming sessions, when your reflexes might not be what they were an hour or two ago. The quick-trigger lock will keep you at your best.

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The rest of the Fusion Xbox One’s design will keep the controller itself at its peak. This is a professional level controller, which means it is designed for trips to tournaments. Or, you know, a visit to a friend’s. It’s designed to be sturdy and never let you down. The 9.8 foot braided cable ensures you’ll always be prepared. There’s no need to worry about batteries running out at the worst time, and its solid construction means that cord isn’t about to give out. Instead, you have a dependable friend that can stick with you through thick and thin.

The Fusion Xbox One controller is the sort of gamepad designed to get you through any gaming experience. It can work well as your primary peripheral, thanks to well-designed buttons, swappable analog sticks, a cord that keeps you grounded and powered up, and quick-trigger locks. You can use it as a backup, since you’ll never have to worry about it running out of power and it’s familiar enough to always be welcoming. It can remain comfortably at home, constantly connected to your console, or easily head anywhere with you for other adventures. The Fusion Xbox One controller is designed to meet every one of your needs, even the ones you might not even know you have. 

CheatCC Team
CheatCC Team
Date: 09/16/2016

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