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With the constant demand for the best consoles, TVs, controllers, headsets, and other peripherals, it is funny how one of the most critical parts of the gaming experience is overlooked. I am referring to the cords. For all the effort people will go into making sure their home theater setups are nearly immaculate, it seems so many are content to take whatever cables come with a system. Which is a shame, because it means people do not realize the impact these can have. They do not know how a Marseille mCable Gaming Edition could possibly change their lives. This is a $119 HDMI cable with an actual computer processor inside.

How does that even work? Well, it is not as overwhelming or complex as you might think. The processor is present in the part of the mCable Gaming Edition that connects to your TV, making it a smart cable. It has a Contextual Processing engine on its lag-free, real-time processor. This means when a game is running at 1080p and 120fps on, say, a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One X, you will have a less than one millisecond processing time. It means the game you are playing will read your actions better and you will have better response time when playing. 

The real big deal here is how noticeable a difference you might see with a mCable Gaming Edition and older console. Because we know a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is going to look good. But Marseille’s smart cable will be at its best when you are using an older system. Plugging this into a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Wii U will really help you see the change. The advanced anti-alias filtering will recreate pixels, reduce blur, repair jagged edges, and make things look even clearer and more beautiful. The pixels will be rejuvenated and any kind of artifacts or noise will be reduced. The result is a much improved look at your favorite older games. I am especially curious as to what kind of impact this would have on a classic SNES game played on a RetroN 5.

What’s nice is that there is no work needed on the user’s part. You take the mCable Gaming Edition, plug the one end into your console, plug the USB that powers it and other end into your TV, and enjoy. There is no need to update any firmware. You do not have to configure any settings. You use this smart cable like you would any other HDMI cable, and it handles all the technical elements for you. It is an effortless way to reap the benefits without putting in any work beyond buying and connecting it.

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And the thing is, it is not just your games that benefit from Marseille’s mCable Gaming Edition. Literally any form of media that is going from your console, computer, streaming box, player or device to your TV or monitor is going to benefit from the technology. The processor in the cable is constantly checking the content to upscale it. While this may not be as noticeable if you are, say, streaming from a source like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you will definitely notice a difference if you have put a DVD in your PlayStation 3 or Blu-ray in your PlayStation 4 when a mCable Gaming edition is attached and start playing. It could end up looking like you are in a movie theater watching it in 4K or Ultra-HD, provided you have the right TV to aid in the endeavor. That’s what you get when you have a Technicolor 4K Image Certified smart cable.

The next time you are looking at your games and wondering how you can take them to the next level, don’t think about extra accessories like more controllers, headsets, or even more extravagant TVs. Take a look at your cables instead. Research the different options out there. Think about the Marseille mCable Gaming Edition. After taking the time to look and considering the investment, you may find this $119 smart cable could be worth your time. 

CheatCC Team
CheatCC Team
Date: 04/02/2018

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