Are Gamers Missing Out on Love?

All things are fair in love and war. Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs. All you need is love. Love is blind. Love is being stupid together. We're all looking for it, we all want it, and when we find it, we never want to lose it. For those of us that are especially lucky, we find loved ones who share our other greatest joy: video games. Those extraordinarily lucky folks sometimes even find loved ones because of video games. We've seen weddings in World of Warcraft, and probably have at least one friend we've met through a game. Today, we're talking about love and other relationships as they relate to video games.

More specifically, let's talk about love and Metal Gear Survive. The terms of service for the game stated that no players could engage in romantic relationships with other players. Konami said they didn't want to act as a dating service. It's fair enough, but the chances of that happening are pretty slim. I certainly don't know anyone who thinks, “I'm gonna play some Metal Gear Survive to meet the love of my life.” No. They're more likely thinking, I want to play because I'm a big Metal Gear fan, and/or I want to shoot things. And also, why would it be such a bad thing if a Metal Gear Survive player found love?

I'm sure every one of us has at least one story about meeting a significant other, or a very good friend, in online games. I've heard plenty of people talk about friends they made while playing Minecraft. Friends who went from being solely online companions to real life staples. My story involves Second Life, which is a game as far as I'm concerned, but it depends on who you ask. Through various acquaintances I went on to meet someone who would become the type of best friend that you message almost daily just to see how they're doing. We've even met in person twice. (Traveling is expensive!)

There shouldn't be anything wrong with the possibility of meeting people you come to know (and maybe even love) in video games. Most people don't shame others for meeting their SO in a bar or a grocery store. You wouldn't tell your friend that they can't date someone they met at a work convention or a fandom-related event. So why should there be anything wrong with dating someone you met in League of Legends? Maybe you have an even quirkier story, and you fell in love with someone solely based on their created levels in LittleBigPlanet. Whatever the game, whatever the story behind it, love is love, no matter where it gets its start.

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So rather than pulling a Konami and waving our fingers at those who find love in video games, let us embrace it! Maybe you'll meet your future forever partner one night while playing Overwatch. Is that the goal to your MOBA-playing filled nights of enjoyment? Most likely not. But if you happen to find someone to share your days with in the process, then fill me in on the wedding address so I can send flowers.

We're all looking for love, and it's becoming easier and easier to connect with people we never would have before the Internet. Online games give us an even greater chance of meeting someone we'll click with, because you already have one thing in common! So boot up your favorite online game, and keep in mind that there are so many real life rewards to playing. That just might include someone to share all those mushy, embarrassing feelings your heart is filled with. Play games, make love, be happy!

April Marie
April Marie

Contributing Writer
Date: 05/23/2018

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