What We Learned from the Battlefield V Reveal
Battlefield V

Companies love to tease people ahead of major game announcements. With Battlefield V, first the name was alluded to by the company. Then, we had a brief glimpse of gameplay ahead of the May 23, 2018 full, live reveal. It seems like so little to go by, right? Except its not. Any time this sort of information appears, the companies are actually providing a rather substantial hint at things to come. We get peeks at things that can really matter to the game, and those sharp enough to spot them can see what is happening. Then, when the full reveal follows, the larger trailer confirms what eagle eyed people caught and validates them, while providing more information.

For starters, the initial teaser footage, which is only a few seconds long, suggested World War II is the setting for Battlefield V. The full reveal later confirmed it. But in that initial glimpse, the characters were wearing uniforms and equipment that suggest it. There were goggles that were clearly worn by German pilots during that war. We could also see a Union Jack and Wehrmacht iron cross. This pinned down a very specific time period for us. Considering the German melee knife attack at the end, it showed the focus. While you might have seen hints at some of these symbols and sorts of items ahead of WWII, you definitely would not see them after. By pinning down a timeframe with these little tidbits in even the early footage, people were getting a good idea of what things they can expect.

We also had a look at the initial HUD in the first teaser. It looked very similar to the one used in Battlefield 1. The on-screen UI gave us an idea of what could be going on in the gameplay footage we saw. There were two teams of four players shown. It seemed like a Conquest mode. People were trying to complete objectives to win in the match. Yes, this only popped up for a minute, but anyone who paused the footage could see what was going while this opponent ended you.

The best and most important news was, we saw what appears to be classic ticket bleed in the initial trailer. Yes, I said ticket bleed. Don’t know what that means? Let me explain it to you. In Conquest prior to Battlefield 1, each team has tickets, which deplete if you have teammates die or you complete fewer objectives than the opposing team. If you run out of tickets, you lose. Battlefield 1 gave people points, in a rather opaque fashion, and the first to 1,000 points would win. It very much looks like Battlefield V brings tickets back, which is a more clear and straightforward way to play and gauge progress in Conquest.

We also got to see some of the visual effects that could have been new and present in Battlefield V in the first tease. For example, there was so much bloom there. Even the HUD had some lens effects to them, which looked really neat. It made things pop quite a bit, which was very much needed. When we have an atmosphere that can be dark and gritty, anything that makes those critical elements easier to see and appreciate is welcome. The “Squad Spawn on You +20” message was also very clear and distinctive to read, which was appreciated. The death scene, where the German took you out, had a bit more of a dramatic feel. I felt like it was more memorable than some of the takeouts in Battlefield 1. It was momentous when he zeroed in, shushed you, and finished you off, which made for a really interesting animation.

Then, when that full Battlefield V trailer drops, we get this tease on a grander scale. We see the sorts of characters, which includes men and women in the fray. We get a better look at the cinematics. We see the firefight. 

Battlefield V

Through this fuller trailer, we get an even better idea of Battlefield V's protocal. This was definitely some sort of story mission. It seamlessly transitioned from animated cinematics into an actual objective. We got to see that HUD again and realized those effects in the teaser weren't just there to make a smaller segment pop. We saw it will be historically accurate and acknowledge women were a part of the battle. We noted the kinds of vehicles that would appear, with period-accurate planes in the sky and tanks on the ground. Then, instead of that trailer ending like the initial teaser did, we got to see how AI comrades could make a difference, as a fellow soldier stepped in to save your life during the segment. 

Even though it might seem like EA and DICE hasn’t given us much with the Battlefield V teases and initial trailer, there is more to these hints than there seems to be. The incredibly brief May 21, 2018 footage does so much for people excited about the game. It does more than build hype. It shows off a new kind of animation, an HUD with bloom, evidence of a WWII setting, and a possible return of ticket bleed. All of these are very good things and teach us never to disregard any teaser. Then, the full May 23, 2018 trailer gives us a better understanding of what this WWII game will do.

Jenni Lada
Jenni Lada

Writing Team
Date: 05/24/2018

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